Roundabout death waiting to happen


IT'S one of the most dangerous roundabouts in the shire and only a matter of time before someone is killed at the Fraser/Vintage Lakes Drives intersection at Banora Waters, according to a nearby resident.

"There's kids and cars and people walking their dogs everywhere around here and yet there's no pedestrian crossing ? it's madness," Brad Nielson, who lives with his wife Tammy at the Vintage Lakes Estate, said.

Mr Nielson, a surf photographer, said the latest near-death at the roundabout was just last Friday, when a woman was badly injured and had to be cut free from her wrecked car.

"They just speed along Fraser Drive and the roundabout doesn't seem to slow them down ? P-platers and mums and dads treat it like a racetrack," he said.

The southern Fraser Drive approach to the roundabout, he said, was two lanes in a 60kph zone, but those lanes merged at the roundabout into one lane heading north where an 80kph zone applied about 80 metres further along.

"People appear to be racing to be first onto the single lane and are straightening up through the roundabout and cutting across ... a bloke in a hurry with a trailer and boat tried to overtake me on the roundabout recently, fishtailed and nearly wiped me out," Mr Nielson said.

"A lot of them speed up as they enter the roundabout on Fraser Drive heading north because they think they're then out of suburbia ? it's almost like a rolling start at Indy ? but that part of Fraser Drive after the roundabout de-teriorates to a winding, pot-holed road which has already claimed a couple of lives, probably due to speeding.

"The 80kph zone on Fraser Drive also should be cut to 60kph due to its rough edges and poor surface, and the speed limit south of the roundabout should be 50kph instead of 60kph," he said.

The roundabout, Mr Nielson said, was "absolute deadly" for an area with so many young families with children, teenagers and elderly people.

He has called on local traffic authorities to do something to slow traffic down there.

"Most weekends I hear the screeching sound of brakes as cars almost collide there ? I just want to see something done about it so I don't have to see someone killed there," he said.

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