Rush for Robina


HOPES, aspirations and rumour. At the time of writing, these three issues were rife about the state seat of Robina.

On Tuesday, Premier Beattie called an election for September 9, leaving potential candidates little time to stake their claim on the plum title of Liberal candidate for Robina, a seat which the retiring member, ousted Liberal leader Bob Quinn, held by 9 per cent.

Robina is a Liberal stronghold if ever there was one. But even so, the backlash over the dumping of long-serving Bob Quinn could make way for a possible challenge by an independent.

The Labor candidate, Liz Pommer, may also stand to benefit from any residual ill-feeling.

The Mail knows there has been a lot of persuasion for high-profile councillor, Robina-based Jan Grew to run.

"I certainly have not made up my mind on any bid for the state seat," she said earlier this week.

"I enjoy the responsibilities of being the economic and cultural committee chair and the many events I have been able to initiate for the community," she said.

If Cr Grew did have a change of heart she would contest as a Liberal.

Cr Bob La Castra, whose council division also comes into the state seat area told us he was unlikely to be a Robina candidate.

And then there is volatile Cr Eddy Sarroff who has a high popularity rating in his division.

He said he would need to assess the potential of an independent to make a difference in parliament before he made any decision.

He would contest as an independent.

Other rumoured possible contenders include Young Liberals national president Mark Powell, barrister Aaron Debattista and even the husband of the Federal member for McPherson, Margaret May, David.

But a day is a long time in politics and by the end of the weekend, all should be revealed and rumour and conjecture should make way for fact.

The Liberal's state executive is set to choose its candidate on Sunday.

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