Sanctuary for kids -- Staff at Currumbin give Dante & Co a dream time


YOUNG Dante Dalozzo is living with cancer. And he's doing all right.

At Currumbin Sanctuary last Friday night Dante, 3, was among about 200 kids, their families and friends enjoying a "Dream Night" special occasion.

Sanctuary staff put on a free party for the Starlight Foundation, Make a Wish, Camp Quality, cerebral palsy helpers and other charitable groups.

Dante's dad Sebastien, an investment portfolio consultant, yesterday paid tribute to Currumbin Sanctuary and to the charities who help struggling kids.

"Without these groups, you'd just be lost," Mr Dalozzo told the Daily News.

"They all do such amazing work, and for this they got together and approached the venue and everyone was just so willing to help.

"It's a big thing for Currumbin Sanctuary and their staff to donate their time. This was the third year they've done this kind of thing.

"Everyone had a great night. We really can't express how much we appreciate it."

Dante's cancer is called ependymoma, which attacks the throat.

He has been unable to eat and has had to obtain his food through a valve inserted in his stomach.

But he is doing well enough to now be keen about eating normally again.

Dante will soon have tests to determine his progress in fighting the cancer.

"He hasn't been able to eat properly and we've had about a year of ups and downs," Mr Dalozzo said.

"You just do what you have to do and we all get on with life."

Dante is an identical twin, although the cancer has so far prevented him from growing as big as his brother Rhodes.

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