Side show is worth cheering

WHAT would competitive sport be without cheerleaders. Love or loath them, they add a splash of colour to a game.

So what's the fuss about the Queensland Reds cheergirls and their performance during the NSW-Reds Super 14 game in Brisbane recently?

Some claimed their actions were too lewd. What rubbish!

There are more suggestive dance routines on Saturday morning video hits.

I don't think there's a sports fan alive who doesn't enjoy a good perve - male or female.

Let's face it, we males could waste plenty of time admiring the moves and routines of pretty girls in tight fitting outfits.

And ladies, let's not get up on a moral high horse. You can't tell me that you don't enjoy looking at those buffed bodies of swimmers, gymnasts and athletes at the Olympics.

It's all about the perve.

If the the Reds girls create a bit of controversy, surely it will be good for crowds at Suncorp.

The Gold Coast Titans unveiled their cheerleaders last week and from the look of them they will definitely be adding colour and action to the home games next year.

It's all good fun.

They do serve a purpose when there are lulls in the game.

I'd rather watch cheerleaders doing their thing than a bunch of yobbos throwing rubbish onto the playing field.

If there was something to be said about cheerleaders, perhaps we should balance up the squad by having a few blokes in there as well.

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