: Kelly Slater on his way to winning his third Billabong Pro with three perfect 10?s at Teahupoo, Tahiti.
: Kelly Slater on his way to winning his third Billabong Pro with three perfect 10?s at Teahupoo, Tahiti.

Slater proven perfect

KELLY Slater's perfect performance at Teahupoo, Tahiti to claim his third Billabong Pro with two perfect 10's in the final and one on the way to victory has redefined backhand tuberiding and reshaped ASP history. Like his record breaking 15 year career, it's a monumental moment referred to by the champ as "one of the most magical days of my career" and no doubt it will be talked about for many years to come. What was Kelly on you might ask? Well, of course the former 6 times World Champion is a clean living, anti-drug athlete and stated that he was basically on a natural high.

"I was riding this high and sometimes you can feel things lining up and you can't explain it," Kelly said after the final and went onto explain his winning strategy.

"I wasn't expecting to get two perfect 10's but I knew it was possible out there. The waves just came to me and it's all about waves coming to you, riding them right and to their full potential."

Maybe it was the nine-day wait that put Kelly in the winning zone on finals day but first he had to get past Andy Irons' younger brother Bruce and a fearless 'Chopes' charger in the finals.

The younger Irons was in front and with his back to the wall and paddling in over the falls on his 6ft 1, Kelly defied gravity and reality to air-drop and layback into the barrel, surfing inside the foam ball to somehow make it out and nail his first perfect 10 and take the lead over Bruce.

"Bruce got an early lead on me, then I got that 10 and I went, 'I can win this contest'".

And 'that wave' basically inspired Kelly to go on with the job despite breaking 'that favorite board', he climbed onto a bigger 6ft 5 and extinguished Taj Burrow in the semis and pushed Damian Hobgood who fell to a similar fate as Nathan Hedge last year, getting smashed by the lip to retire early with a dislocated shoulder.

In the closing stages it was the Kelly '20 out of 20 show' and to the further amazement of the spectators in the channel and the ASP personnel on the tower, Slater paddled back out with a can of Fosters in his mouth and took off on another Teahupoo tube, got tubed again and came out toasting victory!

By the time you read this, Kelly will be at Cloud break (it should be pumping by Friday) and on a mission to win again but this time to take the ratings lead and aim for that all illusive 7th World title.

Shaun 'Gozzzy' Grossman has opened up a commanding lead on the Billabong QCC after winning the third event at Coolum on the weekend from Jay Phillips who scored his second win on the inaugural circuit.

The Fingal Flyer has thrown down the gauntlet to his opponents saying, 'Stay tuned, I'm still alive!'.

Damon Harvey who placed third in the final picked up the highest scoring wave of the event and trails behind Gozzy in the ratings. The 4th Billabong QCC will be the Winter Classic on the Gold Coast in July.

The Quiksilver Open Ocean paddleboard race is on this Saturday from Snapper Rocks to Currumbin with $5,000 total prizemoney. It's the first of three races featuring local greats Jamie Mitchell and Mic Dibetta.

The Oh Yeah clothing circuit is on this Saturday at either D-Bah or Snapper for the third event of the series.

Culburra's 14 year old Owen Wright has won the Quiksilver King of the Grommets (u/16) to represent Australia for the inaugural Grand final at Caperton, France. The eventual winner will qualify for the trials of three Quiksilver Pro's including the Snapper Rocks event.

Kirra Surfriders Club Results 22/05/05 At Duranbah 2 ft: Best Judge Matt Hawkins; Best wipeout Darryl Green; best manoeuvre Lucas Hopkins.

Microgroms: 1 Dylan Totten, 2 Paul Posadas, 3 Luke Stanton. Grommets: 1 Mitch Duggan, 2 Sam Clift, 3 Mitch James, 4 Jake Roberts. Cadets: 1 Lucas Hopkins, 2 Chris Stanton, 3 Jeremy Prouten, 4 Mitch Duggan. Seniors 1 Matt Hurworth, 2 Dan Watts, 3 Brendon Duggan, 4 Stuart Ball. Masters: 1 Dam Watts, 2 Joe O'Neil, 3 Paul Lee, 4 Darryl Green. Grand Masters: 1 Stuart Ball, 2 Mark Molloy, 3 Wayne Sutton, 4 Tom Buckley. Next Meeting 30/05 Monday 7pm clu- broom. Next Contest 26/06 All Divisions 6.45am Duranbah.

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