Tell people of plans for Salt

ANY plans to increase the density of Tweed's largest development, Salt, should be openly discussed with the local community, says the Kingscliff Ratepayers and Progress Association.

Association president Pete Gladwin yesterday called on developers, the Ray Group, to consult with local residents, warning that was the best way to avoid opposition.

And he revealed his group had already protested to Tweed Shire Council's administrators over any moves to increase the density at Salt, alarmed by plans late last year to increase the number of house lots and tourist rooms in the resort township by more than 35 per cent.

The Ray Group this week claimed it had dropped the earlier plans but has not said if it has other proposals to intensify the development.

Mr Gladwin said the previous plan would have seen 1,000 tourist rooms and 999 housing lots developed compared to about 600 tourist rooms and slightly fewer house lots than currently approved. He said that would be more than double the 400 tourist rooms and 399 housing lots initially proposed.

Under rules imposed to ensure jobs are created rather than just housing, the number of tourist rooms must always exceed, at least by one, the number of housing lots.

Mr Gladwin said his association told the administrators during a meeting last Thursday that they had "real concerns" about moves to inten-

sify the Salt development.

"We suggested the changes could be so big and so different that a whole new development application should be put to the state government through the administrators so they could look at it in a whole new light," he said.

"Any move to intensify development would have a wide range of impacts on open space requirements, sewerage, water and traffic."

Mr Gladwin called on the Ray Group to consult over whatever plans it now had for the future of Salt.

"In the spirit of co-operation we would expect that consultation process to take place," he said. "Consultation assists both sides. It's harder if things are just sprung on the community."

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