The bypass must go ahead no buts about it


GOLD Coast deputy mayor Cr David Power has hit out at a renewed protest over the proposed C4 route of the Tugun bypass road, calling it a move with the sole object of stopping the C4 route.

He said the traffic situation on the Pacific and Gold Coast Highways at Tugun was diabolically dangerous and the Queensland and federal governments must be encouraged to get on with the job with extreme urgency.

Criticism of the C4 route follows the release and display of the long awaited Environmental Impact Statement undertaken by the Qld Government.

"The bypass must go through on the preferred route - there is no question of that," Cr Power said. The safety issue of a gridlocked highway must be paramount.

The area councillor Chris Robbins said the result of the long-awaited EIS now on display at the Gold Coast offices and Tweed Council administration centre at Murwillumbah gave the community an opportunity to look at all the environmental and other issues involved with the C4 route.

Their opinions would be assessed by government officers.

Cr Robbins said she believed every effort by road planners had been made to overcome environmental concerns.

"Most of the wildlife includ- ing rare frogs can be relocated and I'm sure those concerned over the threats to historic sites will be on hand when the work begins to ensure no desecration takes place," Cr Robbins said.

"This is a testing time for the bypass plan but I am confident it will go ahead."

Cr Robbins acknowledged that always when the Tugun Bypass was discussed the hard promotion of the road conducted by her sister-in-law the late Sue Robbins was almost tangible.

"There were some issues that Sue made her own, including preservation of Tugun Hill and the C4 bypass," Cr Robbins said. "We have won the hill, I'm confident we'll win the road," she said.

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