The Sands still shifting

A GROUP of almost 50 people are weighing up their options of taking on property giant Consolidated Properties in the courts in a bid to try and win back their right to land at The Sands development at Casuarina.

The 50 were among 133 people who were told last month that the developer would be utilising a sunset clause on their lots which would see their deposits returned and the land left vacant, to be sold at a later date.

Consolidated Properties has said the time taken to complete the development application for the 133 lots at The Sands is the reason for the decision.

One of the organisers of the group, Michael Wilmen, of Kingscliff, said there had been no change in the attitude of the company and legal action was looming as the only option for those wanting to hold onto their land.

Channel Nine's A Current Affair ran a story about The Sands on Tuesday night and interviewed Consolidated Properties boss Don O'Rorke.

Mr Wilmen said that all along Mr O'Rorke had said the issue had been time, but the interview had strengthened Mr Wilmen's view that money was behind the decision.

And while this small group of people know they might be risking their money by taking a case to court, Consolidated Properties is organising a junket for journalists to showcase a new development at North Stradbroke Island, the Stradbroke Domain Resort.

Mr Wilmen said the company was "crying poor", but had moved on to the next development.

"I am lost for words," said Mr Wilmen when told of the Consolidated Properties promotional event.

The public relations exercise will see journalists flown in from across the country. The invitees will stay the night at the new resort and have a chance to talk to Don O'Rorke about the development.

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