Tweed braces for silly season


ANOTHER weekend of assaults in the Tweed has ushered in the Christmas silly season.

And with 22 days left until the big day, Tweed's hospitality workers are bracing for the usual influx of drunk and disorderley revellers.

"You definitely see an increase in fights and disgusting behaviour around the festive period," the manager of South Tweed Tavern said yesterday.

"One of my staff was even spat on. People just tend to drink too much and you see an increase in troublemakers.

"The heat doesn't help and a lot of people come in with a few too many under their belt already so all you can do is ask them to leave.

"Yes. We are all big believers in the silly season."

Chinderah Tavern manager Tim said people definitely partied harder throughout the Christmas and New Year period.

"They start to warm up around now for Christmas, New Year's and Australia Day," Tim said.

"You just have to be more aware and put more staff on to cope."

At least four people were assaulted between Friday and yesterday, including a man allegedly assaulted with a metal pole at Pottsville.

A NSW Ambulance media spokesperson said the 24-year-old man was attacked at 3am on Saturday and was taken to The Tweed Hospital with head injuries.

A 50-year-old woman was hit with a bat at Banora Point, another person was hit across the head with a chair and a 35-year-old woman was hit with an unknown object.

It is just two weeks since a gang of teens bashed an off-duty police officer and his girlfriend in Coolangatta sparking community outrage and the prompt arrest of a number of youths, mostly from the Tweed.

Before and after the "pack attack" of the young couple, business owners in Coolangatta complained about a lack of police and youths running wild through the town.

Yesterday, another hospitality worker, who did not wish to be named, said a lot of staff dreaded the lead-up to Christmas with "people with bad attitudes and too much booze in them" causing havoc.

"Some people are just feral," she said. "They get more demanding, assume they can do whatever they want and are rude, sometimes violent, to the very people there to provide them with a good time."

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