Tweed police in YouTube prank


A VIDEO posted on popular website YouTube showing a police %officer joyriding on a confiscated motorbike, was taken inside the Tweed Heads Police station, it was confirmed yesterday.

The video, which was posted two months ago by site user "TriggerBk", shows 16 seconds of amateur video of a female police officer riding a small dirt bike inside the police station.

Several news reports yesterday suggested the incident occurred at a Queensland Police station but the Tweed Daily News can confirm it was taken inside the "muster room" at Tweed Heads station.

"The YouTube site claims 'QLD police recovered this bike and decided it (would) be fun to joyride back at the station', and was apparently posted on YouTube four days ago," a Queensland Police spokesperson said.

"The video footage was also posted on the YouTube web site in March 2007 alleging to be Dutch police and is also posted on a number of other web sites.

"Ethical Standards Command inquiries indicate that the video originated in another police jurisdiction, prior to March 2007.

"Inquiries are continuing with a view to determining who posted the unsubstantiated and inaccurate allegations that these were Queensland police officers on the internet."

Tweed/Byron LAC Superintendent Michael Kenny yesterday confirmed it was taken at Tweed Heads station but the incident had been dealt with nearly 12 months ago.

"Yes. It was Tweed Heads but I saw that footage 11 months ago," Supt Kenny said.

"Of course I don't condone something like that but the police officers involved have already been disciplined.

"Everyone involved has been counselled and disciplinary action has been taken."

Two police officers are visible in the video, believed to have been taken on a mobile phone, and another can be heard yelling, "alright Evil Knievel".

The female officer is seen revving the bike before colliding into a filing cabinet, the bike flipping and falling on top of her.

Comments posted on YouTube were too crude to print, with %offensive slang and derogatory comments posted by 18 users of the site.

Supt Kenny said no one was injured and no damage was done to the bike or the filing cabinet.

The dirt bike had been seized in relation to a drink driving offence.

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