Villages water supply healthy


BURRINGBAR residents can again turn on their taps after water samples yesterday were confirmed to be free of bacteria.

But the source of the contamination scare is not yet known.

And Gumnut pre-school P&C president Kylie Hulm, a Burringbar resident, was surprised that Tweed Shire Council had warned local schools about the possible contamination, but not nearby residents.

"I live two doors from the school but I only got to know (about the contamination) when I saw the council people pumping out the water," Ms Hulm said.

Tweed Shire acting water manager Anthony Burnham said schools had been informed as a precaution and there had not been a need to take the next step.

"If things had escalated we would have informed the residents and asked them to start boiling the water," he said.

Council on Wednesday warned both the pre-school and the Burringbar Public School to ensure children were drinking bottled water after high levels of E. coli were found in the local water supply.

Mr Burnham yesterday said the water was now fit to drink after two separate test results had shown no strains of the bacteria.

"We are pretty confident everything is fine and water usage can return to normal," Mr Burnham said.

However, he admitted the council had not yet found the source of the contamination.

"It has to be that some contaminated water got into the distribution system after the treatment process," he said.

"Somewhere along the distribution system something got in, probably close to the Burringbar and Mooball villages."

Mr Burnham said investigations were continuing but until the cause was nailed down, the council would keep an eye on the situation.

"In the meantime, we are going to keep our residual cholera concentration at slightly higher than normal levels," he said.

Gumnut pre-school Burringbar director Joan Bridgham said she was happy with the outcome.

"The Council handled it in a very professional manner," Ms Bridgham said.

"There were plenty of warnings and notification."

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