Web kill club targets teen

TWEED Heads teenager Michael Murray fears for his life after discovering an internet group set up to supposedly kill him.

The "Let's kill Michael Murray" MySpace page now has 64 members, who claim the group is "exclusively for those who want to bash" the 17-year-old.

"I can't go out as much any more," Michael told the Tweed Daily News yesterday.

He said the online threats have made him fear for his safety every time he leaves the house and he tends now to only go out in a large group.

"It only takes one of them to see me and let the rest of them know where I am," he said.

The website sends a chilling message to the former Kingscliff High student, with a photo of him with red crosshairs of a rifle sight superimposed over his head.

The site's members claim "we're gonna find this ****c and we're gonna give it to him". It also has an active discussion board with topics on how they can "get" Michael.

A 16-year-old Tweed male suggested Michael "deserves to have his head beat in", while a 17-year-old female recommended to "steal all his stuff".

One 17-year-old Tweed male admits to not knowing Michael, but still said he deserved to be beaten up.

Michael said he was at a loss to explain why he was being targeted by the site, which was set up on August 11.

"They don't like me, but the group is mostly full of people who don't even know me," he said.

"I have asked online for the guys who started the group to take it down. They keep telling me that it's there to stay."

Being a public group, anyone with a MySpace account can join the group.

Michael said he had reported the website to MySpace officials on several occasions but had not heard back from them.

"I have filled out the abuse report about seven times now. They haven't done a thing about it."

Michael's mum, Sharon Murray, said she was afraid of what the group may do.

"I have been concerned about his safety ever since I saw the website," Mrs Murray said.

"They are saying things on it about stomping his head in. It is really scary.

"We have some major concerns about a few of the members of the site."

Some of Michael's friends have also taken offence, setting up their own rival MySpace in support of their mate.

Jessica Hale, 16, set up the support page on August 14, which has attracted 128 members.

"There are some people in their group that I think might hurt him," Ms Hale said. "The guys who created it are just trying to act tough. I think they have taken it too far now."

Michael said several group members had already tried to harm him.

"They had called my friend to tell him about this party in Banora Point," he said.

"We all went there in his car and when we got there we did not see any party, but these five guys waiting for us. We wound up the windows and locked the car. They kept trying to get in."

Michael said he hoped the group will be disbanded soon.

"I don't think they will be happy until they bash me at least once."

Tweed Heads Police Sergeant Brad Stewart said Michael had not yet reported the website to police and needed to file a complaint for investigations to begin.

Michael said he planned to report the matter soon.

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