Web of hatred

A TEENAGER claiming to be responsible for the creation of the "Let's kill Michael Murray" internet group yesterday apologised for what he says was a joke taken too far

The teen, who refused to be identified, made the admission as Tweed Heads police were preparing to crack down on the website's culprits.

"It was a joke that got taken way too far," he told the Tweed Daily News.

"I regret ever making the site now. It makes me look a bit stupid."

The teen was responding to an exclusive story on the front page of yesterday's Tweed Daily News about the fact that Michael Murray, 17, was being targeted by a MySpace group set up to supposedly kill him.

"I look like a coward setting it up on MySpace," the supposed creator of the site said.

"Some people on that site probably did not even know him."

The unidentified teen said he would disband the internet group as soon as he could.

At time the paper went to print, the site was still online. Police yesterday said they were planning to launch an investigation into the site, vowing that the online threat of violence would be the last of its kind on the Tweed.

"We want to make sure that this never happens to anyone again," Tweed Heads Police Sergeant Peter Miller said.

"We don't get much of this in the area, but we hear about it a lot," he said.

"Based on what information we get we will start an investigation into the site."

Police said that Michael had not yet reported the internet group to them.

"We want to speak to Michael about the website and make sure this never happens to anyone else."

Sgt Miller said he had not encountered a website like this before.

When speaking to the Tweed Daily News yesterday, Michael said he had second thoughts about reporting the site to police.

"It's probably better if I don't report it to them," Michael said.

"I just don't feel like doing it."

The number of contributors to the internet group started to drop yesterday and topics discussing violence against Michael were deleted.

A detective will identify if any offences are being committed on the website.

One member of the group known on MySpace as Cliffy replied to a message left by the Tweed Daily News on MySpace.

He said while the name of the group was extreme, no-one wanted to kill Michael.

They were just using it as an "outpoint" for their feelings.

Michael's mum, Sharon, said her son had received positive comments on his MySpace page following yesterday's article in the Tweed Daily News.

"A few of his friends contacted him to reassure him that they were there for him," Mrs Murray said.

"There have been no other negative comments made yet."

Tweed Heads Police are urging anyone bullied via a telecommunications device to report it to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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