What sort of person could slay innocent animals?


IMAGINE their terror.

Three friendly goats were bludgeoned, stabbed and then dumped in a cane drain at Murwillumbah High School at the weekend.

Six others escaped through a fence, swam across the cane drain, and were later found wandering in a local park.

The dead goats from the Lindisfarne Anglican School's agricultural department, were being spelled on a paddock at Murwillumbah High School.

Agriculture students at Murwillumbah took part in the search for the missing goats early Monday after sightings of six survivors at the weekend.

While other students rounded up the six at Bray Park, Year 12 student Matt Folkers and his mates searched around the school grounds.

Matt was the one who made the grisly discovery.

"I found them during first period in a cane drain down the back. They'd been bludgeoned to death," Matt said.

"It was the tame ones that were killed."

The goats - aged four months, 12 months and three years old - were "such sweet little things", according to agriculture teacher Diana Martin.

She said the survivors were only young and therefore not used to being handled by humans.

The other three were completely tame and would have approached their attackers without fear.

For that their skulls were smashed with a blunt object, jaws broken and they were stabbed with what might have been a stake found by agriculture assistant, John 'Chicka' Bruce.

Ms Martin praised the way her students had dealt with the situation.

"Of course they are upset but they have been really responsible in the way that they have managed it," she said.

"Students buried them in the back paddock yesterday."

Ms Martin said the way the bodies were bloated suggested they had been dead for up to two days. They were last seen alive on Saturday morning by Chicka, which suggests the attacks took place Saturday night.

"Poor bloody defenceless animals, it makes you cry," Chicka said.

"I just don't understand the mentality of people who do this sort of thing. It's very sadistic."

Sergeant Gary Knight of Murwillumbah Police appealed for any information which could help catch the offenders.

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