Tahitian surfer Manoa Drollet rode what is believed to be the largest wave ever surfed at Teahupoo, Tahiti.
Tahitian surfer Manoa Drollet rode what is believed to be the largest wave ever surfed at Teahupoo, Tahiti.

Winter swells a bonus

WHAT an amazing couple of months of surf and epic swells we have seen both here and abroad.

Our winter season has been one of the most consistent on record when the normal winter blues render surfing conditions flat as a pizza dish and for months on end.

The unusual weather patterns have been producing regular low pressure cells in the Tasman and off the Queensland/NSW border plus it's been pumping in the west and in Bali, NZ and Tahiti.

There's a great photo of 32-year-old Tahitian, Manoa Drollet, surfing what the pundits are calling the biggest wave ever to be ridden at Teahupoo.

It is testamount to how far the fearless 'big wave warriors' are prepared to go while risking life and limb for glory and awards. The epic Tahitian session is all part of, 'The Billabong Adventure Mission' with the likes of Hawaiian hero Shane Dorian and Gold Coast charger Dylan Longbottom.

"It's (Teahupoo) is the heaviest wave in the world and I'm grateful to be alive after surviving some heavy wipeouts!" Dorian said.

The former XXL Monster Tube Ride award winner who has tackled some of the scariest waves in the world like Tassie's Shipsterns Bluff "but nothing compares to Teahupoo!"

Last weeks epic 'Chopes' session will be featured in the upcoming Australian Surf Movie Festival - Take 5 - organised by well-known Sydney filmmaker Tim Bonython.

The ASMF World premiere will be at Twin Towns Services Club on September 28 and also features the Robert Redford award winning, 'Fly', a movie on world-respected surfboard shaper Al Merrick who has shaped boards for Kelly Slater and Tom Curren, the latest Roxy's womens surf movie, 'Shimmer', Dane Reynolds first ever flick, 'First Chapter' and Gold Coast filmmaker Jason Muir's Gnarloo session with Ry Craike and Kirby Brown shot last month in perfect, 'Tombstones'.

THE annual Sean Fanning and Joel Green memorial three-day competition is on this weekend starting on Friday.

It was in August 1998 that the Kirra Surfrider club mates were tragically killed in a car ac- cident on Boundary Street.

It is also a rare time for good mates ASP WCT pro's Joel Parkinson, Dean Morrison and Mick Fanning to be allowed to surf with their Coolangatta mates in honor of Sean and Joel.

As Mick Fanning said, "There is nothing more important to me than coming home to all my friends and family and feeling that sense of belonging and having fun in the surf with grommets and other club members. I owe the KSC heaps for all it has done for me and my family."

Congratulations to Rainbow Bay Surf club President Peter Hickey for knocking down the surf club doors and inviting the Snapper Rocks Surfriders to join forces in what has to be seen as a move of the future uniting clubbies and surfers for the good of surfing and saving lives.

Hopefully this will set a precedent for all other surf clubs to em- brace surfboard riders.

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