Are people who don't offend easily now a minority?

ANYONE who knows me knows I'm not afraid of telling it like it is.

I am also very much a simple Aussie sheila, and as such struggle with the level of political correctness I endure on a day to day basis.

Simply put, it drives me bloody insane.

Don't get me wrong, there have been some fantastic developments thanks to the ol' political correctness, but also some really boring, bland and dare I say it un-Australian side effects.

I honestly think we are all getting a little bit too sensitive about the inconsequential things.

As a child I grew up in an era of Fags (the lolly), streakers, Warner Bros cartoons that did not require a "stylised violence" warning pre-airing, as well as fairy penguins.

The nursery rhyme, when I sang it, went "Baa Baa Black sheep" (sheep, like dogs and cats, can be black. It's not a song of racial hatred or vilification of black sheep).

It was a time of putting "dead horse" on your meat pie and feeling a bit "butcher's hook" and bugger me - they were not the worst of times, not at all.

For what it's worth, I liked the t-shirt "Australia, if you don't love it leave" like, what the hell is wrong with that?

It's like saying: "Anchovies - if you don't love them don't eat them". Duh.

I'm not saying we should all walk around minus a filler or some level of consideration for our fellow man, but did anyone stop and consider the people who were not offended?

Are we now a minority?

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