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Art workshops give insight in to what life is about

IN AN age of industry, productivity and technology, where does play and creativity fit in?

Can having fun be productive and support you to thrive?

Countless artist's, athletes, musicians and surfers harness play in their "work".

Like many of them and in singer Jack Johnson's words, "for me it's not really work".

"Perhaps we may believe we can't have a life like that," said Cabarita artist Jhana Bowen.

Mr Bowen and fellow artist Gaia El AOn are running workshops along these lines.

"You may think your work has to be hard, or believe someone else's ideas about what's right for you," Mr Bowen said.

"Mainstream educational systems sell us a society based on production in an economy driven for consumerism.

"No wonder some of us have forgotten what life is really about.

"So where is that spark that makes us feel fully alive?

"How do we live a passionate inspired life and contribute in the world?

"Ironically, the most productive people are the one's who do what they love and have fun doing it."

Mr Bowen cites Einstein's philosophy that "play is the highest form of research."

"Play and creativity carry potency," Mr Bowen said,

"They powerfully transform our lives.

"Both generate new neural pathways in the brain.

"These pathways facilitate growth and development, enhancing our capacities to engage new opportunities.

"Such benefits also translate into our relationships and the ways in which we relate in our community.

"All we need to do is lighten up and play.

If you would like to engage play and creativity you can attend the Catalyzing Creativity Playshop on October 28.

The workshop cost of $120 includes art supplies.

The pair will be running more workshops.

All details can be found on Facebook events page "Catalyzing Creativity Playshop." Call Jhana Bowen on 0418191190 for more details and bookings.

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