Winter wonders with whale watching

AS winter sets in on the Tweed cool temperatures and shorter days are keeping numbers down on the beaches, but it's the perfect time for whale watching.

Humpbacks in their droves make their way past the Tweed Coast on the way to warmer waters in the north giving lucky onlookers the experience of a lifetime.

Beginning around late May to early June, Tony Hunt from Coolangatta Whale Watching begins charters from his anchorage at Tweed-Coolangatta golf course.

Mr Hunt has been conducting whale watching charters for nearly 15 years and knows how to give his customers the best experience possible.

"We offer the best whale watching charter on the east coast of Australia; we don't overcrowd our boat which ensures everyone gets the best from their experience.

It was everything and more. Nature at its absolute best. I am so glad I finally did it. The grand final was just amazing when the whales came in so close to the boat.

"It is peak time for whale watching at the moment as they all migrate north, they will continue to do this until around October," Mr Hunt said.

Once the 15 metre cat cruises down the river and across the Tweed bar, you instantly get a new perspective on the entire Tweed hinterland and Mt Warning.

Fresh muffins, tea and coffee are on the menu at anytime, complementary of course.

Five minutes later whales are breaching the surface, a sight you are unlikely to forget, all 14 metres and 30 tonnes of humpback out in the open air and down again in a thunderous roar of whale on water.

Over the next few hours the group see about 14 individual humpback whales, with a cameo appearance from a large pod of common dolphins who took pleasure in jumping around the front of the boat at warp speed.

With 30 minutes left before heading back into harbour, as if on cue the grand finale begins.

Two large male humpbacks come within 15m of the boat and breach, slap and fight with each other to everyone on boards delight.

Nico Ransome, the boat's marine mammal expert gives insightful information on humpbacks during the entire cruise, with a few very humorous jokes thrown in.

Val Faure and Pat Wooding, both visiting the Tweed from Melbourne, were blown away by the entire experience.

"It was everything and more. Nature at its absolute best, "Mrs Faure told My Daily News.

Mrs Faure lived on the Tweed for nearly a decade and always wanted to see the whales but never got around to it until now.

"I'm so glad I finally did it, the grand finale was just amazing when the whales came in close to the boat," Mrs Faure said.

To book a spot on board visit or call Tony and the team on 0448822303.

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