Aussies like a break but not from brekkie.
Aussies like a break but not from brekkie.

Aussies like breaks, not from brekkie

A RECENT survey has revealed that Australian travellers love the ‘most important meal of the day’ so much they’re not even prepared to go without their favourite breakfast food items while on holiday.

According to the survey* from global hotel experts, (, one in three (30 per cent) Australians admit to packing their favourite breakfast food items when they go on holiday. As expected, the nation’s favourite Vegemite, along with porridge, topped the list as the two ‘must-have’ breakfast items that Aussie travellers make room for in their suitcases.

The study looked at the breakfast needs and habits of travellers around the globe, and revealed that Aussies take their breakfasts seriously, even when abroad. Well over half (54 per cent) of Aussie travellers say that while on holiday they never skip a hotel breakfast. Furthermore, almost one in two (44 per cent) confess to being serial breakfast food hoarders when staying at a hotel; stockpiling food items for later in the day.

Katherine Birch, Marketing Manager, Australia and New Zealand, said: “We know it’s the small things that make a difference to travellers when holidaying and it is clear that a complimentary hotel breakfast is a great way to keep travellers happy. offers hotel deals with a broad range of complimentary add-ons such as free daily breakfasts which offers fantastic value-for-money for the budget-conscious traveller.”

When it comes to breakfast food preferences in general, the survey revealed that more than one in three Aussies (37 per cent) prefer to kick start their day with cereal, unlike our European counterparts who prefer a continental breakfast of cold meats and pastries.

While the survey shows that many Aussies stick to a healthy breakfast option when at home, Aussie travellers admit to being indulgent while on holiday, with half of all Australians (50 per cent) admitting they favour a fry up of eggs and bacon when travelling.

It’s no surprise then, when it comes to hotel breakfast buffets offering a hot breakfast smorgasbord, one in seven Aussies (13 per cent) admit to always going back for seconds, and even thirds. And it seems breakfast buffets bring out the worst in some Aussie travellers with five per cent admitting to using their pockets as makeshift doggie bags, ensuring they get to enjoy their hotel breakfast buffet throughout the day.

Despite the uncouth breakfast buffet behaviour, travellers around the world believe that Aussies remember to pack their table manners with them when they travel. Australians were considered the best mannered nationality along with the Irish, Mexicans, Dutch, Brazilians, Singaporeans, Swedish, and the Finnish. However, the same can’t be said about US travellers, with one in four respondents (21 per cent) around the globe agreeing that American travellers have the worst table manners, followed closely by the Chinese (17 per cent). 

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