Idol winner Kate DeAraugo's 66kg transformation

Kate DeAraugo flaunts her new figure in Woman's Day
Kate DeAraugo flaunts her new figure in Woman's Day

FORMER Australian Idol star Kate DeAraugo has emerged from obscurity having shed more than half her body weight.

The singer's new toned figure -- the result of dropping from 127kg to 61kg -- takes centre stage in the latest Woman's Day.

The 29-year-old tells the celebrity magazine the photoshoot was the first time she had worn a bikini.

And what's more, she looked good in it.

"I've never worn a bikini - I've bought a few but I've never put them on!" she said.

"For most women, it's an incredibly confronting thing to wear a bikini.

"I burst into tears when I saw the results of Woman's Day's shoot. I still can't believe I was standing on a beach laughing… and also looking good!"

The dramatic weight loss follows the singer having gastric sleeve surgery in May 2012, removing 80% of her stomach.

"I had a look at a ‘before’ photo of myself and I put it next to what I look like now and I started crying," Kate told Woman's Day. Woman's Day


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