Dannica Ring in Pumpkin Patch maternity wear.
Dannica Ring in Pumpkin Patch maternity wear.

Baby bump fashion lines boom

BABY bumps might be the hottest accessory in Hollywood but you don’t have to be a celebrity to keep looking good during pregnancy.

Pregnant stars Natalie Portman, Kate Hudson and Penelope Cruz and A-list trend-setter Victoria Beckham are among those sporting stylish maternity wear.

But for pregnant women not stepping onto the red carpet, dressing for style and comfort has become easier.

Pumpkin Patch assistant manager Amanda Cerda has three sons ranging in age from 10 months to eight years.

She said she had found her fashion choices had increased with her last pregnancy, when she favoured maxi-dresses and “floppy shirts” that hid her stomach.

“When I was pregnant the first time, I wore loose-fitting gym pants because that was easy,” Mrs Cerda said.

“Now maternity clothes are sold everywhere.

“It has definitely become easier to look good.”

Manager of the Riverlink-based outlet Christine Strybos said darker colours were in this season, offset with blush and cream.

Mrs Strybos said leggings, instead of fitted pants, were also popular, as was “the fitted look”.

“A lot of mums, particularly the younger mums, no longer think it is something to hide, but show off,” she said.

Dannica Ring is expecting her second baby at the end of February.

Ms Ring said her tip was to stock up on basics such as different coloured leggings and alternate them with different coloured shirts.

“I loved leggings when I was smaller,” she said.

“As I got bigger I moved into dresses. Anything that fell under the bust was comfortable.”

House of Amy designer and mother of three Amy Winks said variety was the key.

“The biggest mistake women make, pregnant or not, is buying single outfits that don’t work with other pieces in their existing wardrobe and not spending a little extra on accessories,” she said.

She said winter trends such as the Bohemian look and its loose, floaty tops made looking good easier for the expectant mother.

“Teamed back with a neutral or black coloured tube skirt made from stretch fabric, these bohemian styles are loose enough to cover the expanding waistline, while being fashionable,” Ms Winks said.

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