MIRACLE BABY: Lillian born at 24 weeks, 610g

AN amazing survival story has emerged about a baby who was born at 24 weeks and weighed just 610g.

Lisa Connor-Melville, 24, was in hospital in Tara when her waters broke on August 26.

She had been feeling strong pains and test results came back that were strongly positive for labour.

She was rushed to Dalby and then Toowoomba in an ambulance, with the stormy night preventing helicopters from flying.

In Brisbane doctors found Ms Connor-Melville  was bleeding internally.

If no action had been taken the mother and baby could have died in 10 minutes.

"It was so quick, it happened in moments," Ms Connor-Melville said.

"We were going to die within 10 minutes."

Ms Connor-Melville was anesthetised and doctors started emergency surgery to deliver the child.

Lillian Connor-Melville was born on August 26 weighing just 610g.

"We were both fighting for life," Ms Connor-Melville said.

The mother then suffered a major haemorrhage and lost five litres of blood.

She had to go into surgery for a second time.

Lilllian has been in and out of hospital constantly, suffering from lung collapses and chest infections.

Once she hit 32 weeks, she turned a corner and is now off ventilation but is still on high flow oxygen.

She made it through the most dangerous moments. The family has spent the last 70 days at Ronald McDonald House.

Ms Connor-Melville said her husband Brenton had quit his job at McDondald's Gatton because of Lillian's medical problems.

Neither of the parents are employed and are relying on the charity of Ronald McDonald House.

Ms Connor-Melville said the charity was keeping the family afloat.

"We don't have anything."

A crowd sourcing page at gofundme.com/2tzm894q has helped raise $1000, but most of that has been spent on travelling to Tara.

Ms Connor-Melville is hoping the baby will be able to home home soon.

She has advice for other families in similar situations.

"Keep strong and never look negative.

"If you get down the baby senses it too. If you have bad day that will affect your baby.

"If you stay strong they will feel that too."

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