Bachelor hits back over bank job ‘scandal’


The Bachelor Matt Agnew has slammed reports that he's been lying about his day job.

Fans of the reality show were shocked yesterday when Fairfax reported that Agnew had a "secret gig at NAB" where "he's been working as an analyst on secondment".

There's been no mention of the hunk's alleged bank job by Channel 10 in the past few months, with the network's publicity machine heavily promoting the fact he's an astrophysicist.

Matt Agnew has hit back at claims he works at NAB.
Matt Agnew has hit back at claims he works at NAB.

Agnew never mentioned the bank when he did a series of interviews last week to promote the reality show, talking only about his role as an astrophysicist.

"It's about researching and understanding how space works and how we fit into the universe," the 32-year-old told Kyle and Jackie O about his job.

"The research that I'm involved in is trying to figure out where we should look to find another planet like Earth. I think there's a handful of places even within our own solar system where it looks like all the ingredients for life are there, so I think there's a chance that in the next half century that we'll find evidence of that."

So you can understand why fans were confused when Fairfax claimed Agnew actually worked at NAB.

This morning Agnew spoke to Kyle and Jackie O and set the record straight about the "ludicrous" speculation.

"Before I went in filming (The Bachelor) I was working as an astrophysicist," he said on KIIS FM. "I was still employed as an astrophysicist during filming."

He says it’s ‘a pretty weak scandal’. Picture: Alex Coppel
He says it’s ‘a pretty weak scandal’. Picture: Alex Coppel

But the reality star said he started a slightly different job after filming on the dating show finished.

"I basically pivoted and moved into a position as a data scientist," he said. "I started working with a data science consultancy called Quantium.

"In the two months that I've worked for them, I think I've had two, maybe three meetings at one of the NAB offices and that was sufficient to create the story that apparently I'm a banker."

Agnew sarcastically called the job brouhaha a "pretty weak scandal" but admitted he did find it a little funny.

"There's an element of humour to it … (but) I'm like, 'Do I genuinely have to correct this?' It just seems so ludicrous," he said.

The Bachelor continues on Channel 10 tonight at 7.30pm

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