Back on the set

CALLAN McAuliffe has gone from strength to strength since making his US debut in the Rob Reiner film Flipped.

Just as the Aussie actor was set to make his way home, he was called on to audition for the film I Am Number 4.

Fast forward 12 months and the young heart-throb is back on the big screen.

This time, he plays Sam in the thrilling paranormal teen romance science fiction adventure.

McAuliffe said the role of Sam had been easy to prepare for.

“He isn’t an incredibly deep character,” he said.

“I sat down with the director (DJ Caruso) and gave my input about my character – I was able to make a few small changes.”

Working on the film for McAuliffe was a “phenomenal experience”.

“The cast and crew were incredible,” McAuliffe said. “Everyone was very professional and it was a lot of fun.

“When the cameras weren’t rolling, we were always laughing and having a joke, but as soon as DJ (Caruso) called ‘action’, it was back to work.”

McAuliffe discovered his talent for acting at an early age.

With a natural ability as an actor and singer, as well as playing a number of musical instruments, McAuliffe has created a wide variety of characters using accents that include British, Cockney, American and, of course, Australian.

“I always knew I wanted to act,” McAuliffe said.

“I knew I would probably have to go overseas to pursue my career.

“It is a massive industry over there – I am so blessed to be a part of it all.”

McAuliffe now divides his time between Los Angeles and Sydney as he completes his education and focuses on performing. He is looking to expand his acting portfolio and is keen to land “a more dramatic and artsy role”.

The future looks bright and promising for this Aussie star, and with any luck, we will be seeing his name in lights again shortly.

I Am Number Four is in cinemas now.

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