HOT weather is drying up the Coast's drinking water dams but help from our southern neighbours is keeping supplies afloat.

Doonan resident Dave Yabsley said the effects of the Coast's dry spell were evident in Lake Macdonald as well as the anecdotes shared by customers of his rural supply businesses.

Mr Yabsley owns Cooroy Produce as well as Noosaville Stock Feed.

He said every second customer he spoke to had concerns about the dry weather.

"They are in a world of hurt at the moment," Mr Yabsley said.

He grew up near Lake Macdonald and has followed with interest since the 1980s the ways weather has affected it.

He said the water's edge was normally visible when driving along Cooroy Noosa Rd.

"Now it looks like a paddock."


Mr Yabsley used a remote control drone to fly a camera over the outer catchment areas on Friday last week.

"Its getting a little bit dire.

"It certainly is the lowest we have seen it for a long long time."

Water levels at the Coast's four drinking supply dams- Baroon Pocket Dam, Lake Macdonald, Ewen Maddock Dam and Wappa Dam- have been in steady decline since June last year.

Lake Macdonald was yesterday listed as being at 53.5%.

Seqwater spokesman Mike Foster said Coast residents were consuming an average of 223L of water a day, which was higher than the south east Queensland average of 199L a day.

Seqwater manages a grid of 12 connected drinking water dams, including the four Coast dams, which supply water to south east Queensland.

It has been pumping drinking water up from North Pine Water Treatment Plant in North Brisbane since February 7.

"While south east Queensland is experiencing a very hot, dry summer with little to no inflows to our drinking water storages, our major drinking water dams remain above 70% combined capacity," Mr Foster said.

He said combined levels had dropped by slightly more than 5% during summer.

"Based on current modelling and consumption rates, and should the current dry conditions persist over 2017, Seqwater has advised that south east Queensland is at least another wet season away from having to consider restrictions."

Dam levels

Baroon Pocket Dam: 46.5 per cent

Ewen Maddock Dam: 88.1 per cent

Lake Macdonald: 53.5 per cent

Wappa Dam: 84.1 per cent

Overall South East Queensland network of 12 dams: 71.2 per cent

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