Banora point residents share in $1.5m windfall

TEN lucky Banora Point residents are $150,000 better off after their lottery syndicate won $1.5 million in Saturday's $20 million NSW Lotteries draw.

While the names of the 10 lucky syndicate members remain secret, Chris McGrath, owner of the Banora Village Shopping Centre newsagency where the ticket was sold, said the winners had big things planned for their windfall.

“One of the winners said that he would use the money to buy a second-hand motor home and live his dream to travel Australia,” said Mrs McGrath. “The couple had been recently considering doing the big trip, but weren't too sure if they could afford it. Now they can.”

The Banora Point syndicate was one of 13 division-one winners in Saturday's draw with two other first division winners in Queensland, four in NSW and Victoria and one in South Australia.

News of the lucky win, the first of that size won from a ticket sold at the Banora newsagency, spread quickly, according to Mrs McGrath.

“One winner came to my home yesterday and we had a hug and a cry - she can't believe it,” Mrs McGrath said.

“I had to ring one regular member and told her the good news this (yesterday) morning and it was one of the best calls I have got to make.

“She was so excited and said that she had to sit down and compose herself. Her voice sounded croaky, so I think that maybe she was a little choked up; it's not every day you get told that you have won $150,000.

“The best thing about the win is that it was won by some of our regular players who are mostly retirees or workers with a mortgage, especially considering seven of the 10 winners have been trying their luck with the syndicate for the past seven years. According to one of the regular members, in the past the most they had won was $100.”

Lady luck was looking after the three casual syndicate members, the last only buying a ticket on Saturday afternoon before the group's winning numbers were drawn.

“It's amazing to think these people have come in and bought a ticket only to find out that they have won $150,000 when they have come back to check their numbers.”

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