Banora Point residents say they are living in fear as teenagers continue to menace the local area.
Banora Point residents say they are living in fear as teenagers continue to menace the local area. Tweed Daily News

Banora Pt terrorised

TEENAGE vandals are stalking the streets of Banora Point at night, trashing homes and forcing residents to live in fear.

In a Tweed Daily News report published in February, residents of one local street said they feared for their safety following repeated letterbox bombings, smashed windows and car break-ins.

But we can now reveal that a number of streets in that same area have also been targeted, making the entire community scared for their safety.

Streets under attack include Woodlands Drive, Monterey Avenue, Turnberry Street, Birkdale Court and Darlington Drive.

Doorknocking the area yesterday, the Tweed Daily News found most residents spoken to had a first-hand experience with property damage and anti-social behaviour, but many were too scared to speak on the record.

One elderly couple awoke to the frightening sound of a letterbox being thrown through their front window on Tuesday night.

It was their neighbour's letterbox that had been ripped from its post and smashed through the window about 11pm.

It was the second time the house has been targeted in a month.

A nearby resident, Brian Anderson, has been living in the area for four years. He said teenagers congregate outside his house on Friday and Saturday nights.

“We've had numerous problems over the years with things being stolen,” Mr Anderson said. “We've had stuff stolen from our garage and the side of our house. If it's not nailed down, they will take it. We've also been egged a few times.

“It is mainly teenagers - but girls as well. We get girls about 13 to 15 years old who stand there at night and tell you to go 'Get f...ed'.

“About a month ago we had to move 45 kids from out the front of our house. They kick the street lights and throw bottles. It's really a disgrace, because we have a lot of old people living around here.”

Another resident, John Ireland, said he was devastated when the window of his car was broken.

“We've had a few stone-throwing incidents,” Mr Ireland said. “They threw a rock through my F150 (Ford utility) window.

“It's mainly teenagers on Friday and Saturday nights. They kick fences in and pull off the palings.

“I work at nights, so I see a bit of stuff going on.”

One man, who did not want to be identified, said he feared for the safety of his elderly parents.

“Teenagers walk up and down the street on Friday and Saturday nights kicking letterboxes and ripping them out.

“A couple of weeks ago we had kids running through our yard. They jumped our fence and had the police chasing them.

“I don't worry about myself, I worry about my parents.”

One woman told her neighbour she was “too terrified” to be home alone at night.

A resident known only as 'Glenn' said he'd had a real estate sign outside his home set on fire in the middle of the night.

“It got burnt down and the fire brigade had to come and put it out at 1am,” Glenn said. “We also had a rock go through our roof and various broken bottles in our yard.”

One woman is determined the teenagers won't scare her out of the neighbourhood, so she has installed security cameras in her front yard.

Some of the residents believe more police patrols would help stop the attacks.

Police statistics show there have been 64 reported incidents of malicious damage in Banora Point so far this year.

Officers encouraged people to keep reporting the crimes to 13 444 so they can allocate resources where needed.

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