LOCAL TALENT: My Kitchen Rules contestants Hazel and Lisa.
LOCAL TALENT: My Kitchen Rules contestants Hazel and Lisa. Contributed

Banora woman’s character shines on My Kitchen Rules

THEY’RE the Kath and Kim of the Tweed.

When Hazel and Lisa appeared on the first My Kitchen Rules’ episodes this season, many viewers may have questioned the relationship between the enthusiastic duo renowned for their matching outfits.

Were they best friends? Sisters?

It turns out Hazel is the step-mother of Lisa, who lives at Banora Point.

“We both love cooking,” Lisa said.

“It was one of the first things we ever did together. MKR is my favourite show and I love cooking and I though it would be a good experience to share with Hazel.”

Lisa, who until recently worked at Tweed City Shopping Centre but is now enjoying a job less in the public eye (this has proven useful during the show), said she had grown passionate about cooking Indian food over recent years.

“I love cooking Indian food,” she said.

“I’ve been experimenting with spices. I’ve been cooking a lot of curries over the last couple of years. I really enjoy cooking curry.”

Hazel, whose father was Italian and mother an avid cook, said her connection with the kitchen began early in childhood.

“Mum had us rolling out gnocchi, it was basically slave labour,” Hazel joked.

The fun duo, who have already impressed fellow competitors with their uncanny impersonation of the much-loved comedy mother and daughter duo Kath and Kim, said what you see is what you get.

“We’re really so happy with how we’ve been portrayed. We have a lot of fun every minute of our lives,” Lisa said.

She said the diversity of food lovers on the show had made for a unique experience.

“It’s been really fun so far,” she said.

“Everybody is so different, everyone is from really different backgrounds and the areas of their expertise are so different and interesting.

“We just can’t wait to get inside the Kitchen Headquarters - that’s were we want to end up.”

While they’re always having fun with their own food-making, they have also been getting on well with others on the show.

“It’s all about cooking but all the people you meet are really good,” she said.

“If we just make people laugh and give them joy... I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

My Kitchen Rules screens at 7.30pm Monday to Wednesday and 7pm Sunday on Prime 7.

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