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Gang threatened to murder couple

“I’M IN the mood to murder someone tonight.”

They were the chilling words Maryborough man Ross Medew says were hurled his way right before he was knocked in the head by a young thug on his way home from a Hervey Bay pub.

The 24-year-old bears the scars of the terrifying night he and his girlfriend had their lives threatened by a gang of youths.

Two weeks ago they were walking to a friend’s place after enjoying a night out when they noticed the group loitering near a set of traffic lights on Boat Harbour Drive.

When they reached the other side of the road one of the boys in the group, who Mr Medew described as being 16- to 18-year-old males of mixed race, called out and asked the pair if they had a spare cigarette.

“I said ‘sorry mate, we don’t smoke’ and kept walking,” Mr Medew said.

“He yelled out ‘Come on, it’s just a cigarette’ and when we kept walking one of the indigenous youths started jumping around and yelling out ‘I’m in the mood to murder someone tonight’.”

After moving his girlfriend towards the gutter in an effort to protect her Mr Medew turned around to see if the youths, who appeared to have multiplied after coming out from the shadows, were still following them.

He said when he turned to look at them he didn’t have time to avoid an oncoming blow.

“As soon as I looked the boy who had been yelling, his elbow was already raised half way up.

“It whacked my eye and sent me into shock and out on to the road but all I could think of was protecting her,” Mr Medew said.

“He really got into my partner’s face and said ‘I’m not afraid to murder a girl’.

“I grabbed her hand to get away and she was screaming ‘we’re going to call the cops, we’re going to call the cops’ and they just laughed and said ‘call them – we’re not scared’.”

What happened next surprised Mr Medew.

He said it was one of the youths who intervened and stood between the alleged attacker and the frightened pair and said “come on, let’s go, they haven’t got smokes”.

As soon as the youths were out of sight the pair ran towards another pub where they could see an ambulance had just pulled up.

“They were treating a guy who the gang had got earlier on,” Mr Medew said.

“When we got to the hospital there was also another guy there who had been hit by people who sounded the same.

“They looked a lot worse than I did.”

After being X-rayed Mr Medew was sent to the facial injuries unit at Royal Brisbane Hospital for urgent treatment of a fractured eye socket.

He spent hours in surgery having titanium plates inserted behind his cheekbone which had depressed 6mm into his face.

“I guess I’m lucky because I healed quickly and there have been others who have come out much worse,” Mr Medew said.

“But something has to be done.

“It was the scariest night of our lives and if something isn’t done about it, they are not going to stop.”

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