Bay FM presenter banned over Jai comments

A BYRON Bay community radio presenter has been suspended over comments he made on air about the death of Mullumbimby schoolboy Jai Morcom.

Giovanni Ebono, who presents the BAY FM program, The Generator, and is also a Star columnist, has been taken off air until the end of the current programming season in November.

The suspension followed a segment on The Generator on Monday in which he spoke about explicit details surrounding Jai Morcom's death and the need to address the 'sickness in our society', in which we 'embrace violence and deny death'.

Bay FM president Ros Elliott said Mr Ebono had breached the Community Broadcasting Code of Practice.

“Based on the degree of explicitness and the potential for distress and shock, Giovanni has broken the code,” she said.

Ms Elliott said the station had received many calls from people offended by the segment.

She said other presenters had gone to air the same day with tributes, and addressed the same issues as Mr Ebono, but hadn't gone into details.

“Given that it was three days since the incident, and it was a very raw subject, the degree of explicitness was uncalled for,” she said.

Mr Ebono said he accepted the decision, but stood by his comments.

“I can understand the decision and I accept it. I've formally apologised to the Bay FM community for any offence I've caused, but I stand by my beliefs and I'm prepared to take the consequences,” he said.


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