Beauty of Cudgen Lake is hard to beat

SERENITY: This spectacular sunset was captured at Cudgen Lake.
SERENITY: This spectacular sunset was captured at Cudgen Lake. Ryan Fowler Photography

BEHIND THE LENS with Ryan Fowler

CALM scenes can be found all around the Tweed Coast, especially when you have such a beautiful reflection of a magnificent sky. If you need to chill out after a long day at work or just have some R'n'R, I don't think you could come to a more beautiful location in the area than Cudgen Lake. Actually, there are quite a few, but this one is a personal favourite.

The long exposure technique used here adds to the sense of harmony that brings tranquillity into our lives. Plus, I feel this gives a slightly different take on the usual imagery that comes from this spot.

To capture this image, I used a single exposure using a wide lens set at 17mm and a graduated neutral density filter with a polarising filter to control the dynamic range. Settings were f/14, ISO100 and 30-second shutter speed.

* Ryan Fowler is a Casuarina photographer and a columnist with the Tweed Daily News. Contact him at

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