AMATEUR and professional fishermen alike are licking their lips on the Tweed and Gold Coasts as larger pelagic species come on the bite.

John Eade, from Reel Fishn Charters in Tweed Heads, said this time of year was always great for hooking some of the larger species - spotted mackerel being one of the more popular.

"There are some spotty mackerel about down at Palmy reef and they should keep coming," Mr Eade said.

With wind conditions slowly on the improve, Mr Eade said the window of opportunity for good fishing conditions widened as autumn approached.

"There has been mahi mahi or dolphin fish caught out wide as well and the weather has been slightly better."

Tweed fishermen Callum Wass and his two brothers know their stuff when it comes to catching big, beautiful fish.

And over the weekend the trio went several miles off shore in search of the biggest of the big pelagic species, the black marlin.

"We generally go a fair way out and troll the entire trip out and back looking for anything big to hit our lures," Mr Wass said.

Years of experience and testing different methods paid off for the lads when they hooked not one, but four black marlin in one session last Sunday.

"We were in about 60m of water at about the 24 fathoms when we got the first big fella," Mr Wass said.

Patience is the key to catching these elusive predators and it is not uncommon to fish all day for no result.

"We trolled for about two hours before we got our first fish which was not too bad a wait."

The Wass brothers don't muck around with gear either. Running several different lures at once, they maximise their chances of a big fish hooking up.

"Yeah we ran five different lures at different lengths and depths at once to maximise our chances."

With lighter winds forecast for the next few weeks you can expect more big fish to be caught on the Tweed Coast and charters like Reel Fishn to be busy.

Fishy facts

Pelagic fish live in the pelagic zone of ocean or lake waters being neither close to the bottom nor near the shore.

The marine pelagic environment is the largest aquatic habitat on earth

Pelagic fish range in size from small coastal forage fish, such as herrings and sardines, to large apex predator oceanic fishes, such as the southern bluefin tuna and oceanic sharks.

Black marlin are a large commercial game fish with a maximum published length of 4.65m and weight of 750kg. They swim up to 130kmh.

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