Blueberry Flapjacks by Annette Sym.
Blueberry Flapjacks by Annette Sym.

Blueberry flapjacks by Annette Sym

SUNSHINE Coast celebrity chef and author Annette Sym shares her Blueberry flapjacks recipe.

Blueberry Flapjacks by Annette Sym

Ingredients (makes 6):


1 x 425g can blueberries

2 egg whites

¼ cup sugar

¼ teaspoon vanilla essence

½ cup skim milk

1 cup self-raising flour

½ teaspoon bicarb soda

cooking spray


Saved juice from canned blueberries

1 tablespoon cornflour



    * Drain blueberries (and save juice from can for sauce)
    * In a medium size mixing bowl, beat egg whites and sugar for one minute
    * Add essence and milk and stir
    * Sift flour and bicarb soda into mixture in one go
    * DO NOT beat gently, but fold flour through until just combined (overbeating makes tough flapjacks!)
    * Gently fold blueberries through batter
    * Coat a non-stick fry pan with cooking spray and pour a little less than half a cup (100ml) of mixture into pan and spread to make a round shape.
    * Cook for 1-2 minutes or until brown, then turn and cook for another minute
    * Repeat until all mixture has been used


    * In a small saucepan, combine saved juice and cornflour
    * Stir continuously on medium heat
    * When boiled pour over flapjacks


    * Replace blueberries with 2 cups fresh apple peeled finely diced. Instead of sauce make cinnamon sugar by mixing 3 teaspoons sugar and 1 teaspoon cinnamon together, sprinkle over flapjacks
    * Omit the sauce to reduce carbohydrate count to 31.2g, 606 kilojoules (144 calories)

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