Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris.
Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris. Bang ShowBiz

Boo hoo for ‘poor' Hugh

IT'S nice to know that true love still exists in a modern world full of divorce and one-night stands.

After all, how else could a 25-year-old attractive model marry an 85-year-old man if it wasn't love?

I mean, sure the man is the multi-millionaire creator of Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner, but it must be love, mustn't it?

Well, maybe not.

Hefner's fiancee, 25-year-old former Playmate Crystal Harris, has called off the wedding citing a "change of heart" just days before the couple were due to marry.

I guess "change of heart" must be another way of saying "realised her future husband was more than three times her age and old enough to be her great-grandfather".

Sure the relationship seemed doomed to fail in the beginning, but how many people can honestly say they've dumped Hugh Hefner?

Things might be little awkward considering Harris is supposed to be on the cover of the July issue of Playboy.

I'm sure if Hefner was a spiteful man he could draw a little moustache and glasses on her face before the issue comes out.

I wouldn't blame him from getting mad - not only did she out-play the biggest player in history, she took Hefner's favourite pet when she left the Playboy Mansion, a cocker spaniel named Charlie.

Sure you can break a man's heart or abandon him just a few days before your wedding, but do you really have to take his dog too?

To be fair, maybe things aren't all bad.

Think about the last time you got dumped or your partner left you.

Chances are your comfort came in a carton of cheap beer and a night out with the guys or a tub of chocolate and a Sex and the City marathon with the girls.

Hefner only has his millions of dollars, international fame and a mansion full of hot girls and celebrities to console him.

Poor guy.

This wasn't his first heartbreak before the altar either.

His first marriage to uni student Mildred Williams broke down when she confessed she had an affair just before the wedding.

To make up for it, Williams told Hefner he could sleep with other women during their marriage.

I guess being a jealous wife won't get you far when your husband lives in the Playboy Mansion.

But like most relationships with a "have sex with who you want" clause, it failed and the couple got divorced.

Then came the grieving process which for Hefner meant having a lot of sex with a lot of Playmates.

I guess that's one way to get over a hard time in your life.

I can't say his relationship with Harris had the most stable beginnings either, considering he was dating two 20-year-old identical twin models at the same time.

It's almost nice to hear that despite all his wealth, fame and bevy of scantily-clad girls at his beck and call, Hefner still wants to get married and settle down. I guess deep, deep down, Hefner just wants to be as miserable as the rest of us.

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