Anthony Laffranchi, Paul Gale and Scott Prince chow down on the red-blooded burgers.
Anthony Laffranchi, Paul Gale and Scott Prince chow down on the red-blooded burgers. Scott Powick

'Boof' bites back

INJURED Gold Coast Titans forward Anthony Laffranchi said yesterday he would come out bigger and better this year, thanks to an unlikely change in diet.

Despite remaining sidelined with a hamstring injury for tomorrow’s pre-season trial with South Sydney in Coffs Harbour, the Murwillumbah product is confident of running on to Skilled Park for the season opener against St George on March 12.

While undergoing traditional rehabilitation with club doctors and specialists, ‘Boof’ Laffranchi has also embraced the dietary ideals of fledgling food connoisseur Paul Gale.

The Sea Fm breakfast show host recently created what many critics believe to be the Gold Coast’s ultimate burger and it has proven a big hit with the Titans – and in particular their burly forwards.

While the nutritional value of the “Galey’s Man Burger”, which consists of double meat, double cheese, bacon, Spanish onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce with barbecue sauce and mayo on a sour dough bun, remains undetermined, hulking second-rower Laffranchi said consuming the product regularly had helped aid his recovery and bulk up for the rigours of NRL.

“The mouth-watering combination of double beef and double cheese always gets me across the line,” Laffranchi said.

“It’s the pick-up I need and if I can sink a couple more over the weekend I’ll be back in full training on Monday.

“I can taste the goodness with every bite and since I’ve been eating Galey’s Man Burger I feel so much stronger and manlier.

“The pretty boy backs have been trying to get their hands on these burgers all week, but as I keep telling them: ‘Girls, these burgers are for us real men’.”

One such back was play-maker and skipper Scott Prince, who was spotted quite literally jumping up and down yesterday to get his hands on Gale’s Man Burger.

Prince, 30, is one of the smaller men in the Titans and believes if he were able to eat the burger on as regular a basis as Laffranchi, it wouldn’t be long until he was putting on some hits of his own.

“My toughness has been questioned over a number of years now,” Prince said.

“I look to these burgers as my opportunity to become the man I always wanted to be.

“It’s been a lifelong dream to match it physically with the bigger guys and Galey’s Man Burger could be the key.”

Such has been the hype surrounding Gale’s creation that fast food chain McDonald’s has hinted it might be inclined to incorporate it into its menu.

However, for Gale’s burger to hit Gold and Tweed coast shelves, he will first have to see off challenges from his ever-competitive co-workers Moyra Major and Simon Baggott who created “Kickin’ Chicken” and “Reef and Beef” in direct competition to their trend-setting colleague. “They’re very serious about their products, but it’s a one-burger race,” Gale said.

“It comes down to taste and nutritional value and not only have the Titans endorsed it but I’ve given Galey’s heart tick of approval.”

Regardless of Gale’s confidence and endorsements from the Gold Coast’s manliest men, it is Gold and Tweed Coast residents who will ultimately decide whose burger hits local McDonald’s stores.

Fans can vote for their favourite host’s burger by SMSing Paul, Moyra or Baggs to 191300. Should they vote for the eventual winner, they could be in the running for a 20 per cent share in the successful burger’s sales.

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