Angels of Vengeance by John Birmingham
Angels of Vengeance by John Birmingham

Book review: Angels of Vengeance


AUTHOR: John Birmingham

PUBLISHER: Pan Macmillan Aust

FOR those of you who have followed JB's trilogy (Without Warning and After America were the first two), I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news - the best has been left to last.

The bad news - this is the third in the trilogy. There is no more … or is there?

All the usual suspects are present in Angels, with one minor character in particular from the earlier books now stepping up to major billing. But Angels differs from the others in two ways.

Firstly, the wide spread of action is missing, with the focus instead being on the characters. Action scenes are much more concentrated, and the better for it.

Secondly, all the leads are female - not a common attribute in the genre, but believable in this case because we know each of them from the earlier books.

It really is a rattling good yarn, and while 520 pages may be a bit much for a single sitting, I don't think you will take too long to finish the book.

John Birmingham has let it be known that a possible future project may involve spinoffs featuring our favourite characters from the trilogy - let's hope such a project eventuates, and soon!

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