Book Review: The Dinosaur Feather

THIS is a crime novel with so many twists it's hard to know whether to turn the page or not.

Every chapter creates a new mystery and a new lead into the identity of the clever murderer who has seemingly killed two scientists at an elite university.

This is a murder mystery set in an unusual setting.

It is the story of Anna whose guilt or innocence of the murders waxes and wanes with every twist.

She is a post-graduate student keen to finish her studies when her supervisor, eminent biologist Lars Helland, is found dead in very strange circumstances.

Initially, police put his death down to natural causes until tests show he has been killed by parasites deliberately placed in his food.

Anna is suspected, but why would she kill the man who is the key to her finishing her studies and moving on with her life.

Along the way we find out more about Anna and the complicated existence she has woven for herself amidst the disturbed background of her family life.

Then suddenly another scientist associated with Anna is murdered.

This is a complicated, but readable novel, intertwining Anna's personal problems into a world of archaeology and scientific debate about the origins of dinosaurs and birds.

It is a murder mystery of some depth which requires a fair deal of concentration to follow the intrigue.

It is never-the-less highly readable for those who persevere.

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