Borders stay open but checks intensify on incoming refugees

IMMIGRATION Minister Peter Dutton has ruled out closing Australia's borders, but promised more stringent security on 12,000 incoming Syrian refugees.

Mr Dutton made the comments after it emerged one of the terrorists involved in the Paris attacks may have entered France in the wider humanitarian intake.

At least 15 people have been linked to the terrorist attacks, but only one - which unconfirmed reports said was Ahmad Almohammad - was believed to have entered France as a "refugee".

While Europe struggles to cope with the influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees, the terrorism attacks only frustrated talks there over the continent's response to the crisis.

Australia has pledged to take 12,000 genuine refugees, but Mr Dutton said he would not be compromising the nation's security by doing so, even if delays meant the "program timeline is blown out".

He told Channel Seven on Monday the security checks would include biometrics and ensuring travel documents were genuine.

"Under no circumstances are we going to rush the process or com-promise the security of our country," he said.

But he also said Australia faced a "very different situation" to European nations which had land borders.

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