T.B.D.W.B.A. members celebrate the district's 30th birthday.
T.B.D.W.B.A. members celebrate the district's 30th birthday. Judith Tuckey

Bowls report

South Tweed Sharks

September 5 - September 11

Wednesday Open Triples

Winners: John O'Neill, Peter Blanksby, Don Bateson, Michael Cuy

Runners Up: Alex Reid, Ken Lewis, Rob Sellar

Tuesday Ladies Bowls

Winner: Robyn Charles & Akiko Lynton

Runner Up: Betty Ahrens & Maria Santos

Tweed Heads Men and Ladies

Monday, September 10


Men's Indoor Pairs: Craig Larcombe, Doug Kleinhans d. Paul Rafton, wayne Heydt 25/9; Leigh Tynan, Mark Howarde d. John Bain, Nigel Smith 19/17.

Women's Indoor Pairs: Hiro Emura, Joan Tennent d. Christine Hawkins, Kaye Robins 18/16; Karen Figura, Frances Hewitt d. Julie Overlack, Lynda Lynn 25/18.,

Ladies 2 Bowl Triples Carnival: Winners: D Buckley, J Appleton, Georgie Moor (Tweed Heads) 2 wins plus 16 on c/b; r/up: Joan Lyon, LesleyAnn French Hannah Ramsay 2 wins plus 16; 3rd: Hiro Emura, Barbara Mullens, Frances Hewitt 2 plus 15; 4th: Leigh Rayward, Karen Figura, Wendy Wilson 1 plus 16.

Monday, September 3

Indoor Pairs PM winners: Don Phillips, Ray Arrowsmith 3 wins plus 14; r/up: Mario Matteucci, Peter West 2 plus 11; 3rd: John Bain, Nigel Smith 2 plus 10. Random winners: Jeff Walter, Gerry Mountain.

Wednesday, September 5

Green 1: Laurie Rea, Nathan Groenewege, Peter Groenewege + 3; r/up: Chris Perrin, Kevin Dixon, John Roach + 6

Green 2: Rick Tadday, Paul Wickenden + 1; r/up: Brian Neill, Ann Fitzgerald, Jo Fontanier + 9

Green 3: John Bremner, Les Muir +1; r/up: John Seaton, Ernie Robins + 4

Green 4: Peter Hardcastle, Bill Wyatt + 1; r/up: Lynn & Kevin Davey + 6

Thursday, September 6

AM Indoor Singles: June Beverley 3 wins plus 27; r/up: Hiro Emura 2.5 wins plus 15; 3rd: David Dodge 2 + 16; Random winner Michelle Van Runt

Ladies PM

Green 1: Marina Jarrick, Jenny Ware, Kath Beckman; r/up: Lesley Voss, Ena Haydon, Adele Duckworth

Green 2: Rhonda Chick, Noela Irwin; r/up: Linda Scott, Jerry Worrall

Friday, September 7

Green 1: Kevin Wormald, Sam Ramsay, George Hanlon; r/up: Ted Ryan, Errol Perkins, Ron Parker

Green 2: Rex Dell, Tony Nicholls, Joe Fontanier; r/up: Toby Ritson, Alan Smith, Barry Wilmot

Green 3: Don Allan, Roger Oldman, John feast; r/up: Merv Papas, David Scott, Ron Maltby

PM Indoor Open Pairs winners: Ernie & Kaye Robins 3 wins plus 10; r/up: David Dodge, June Beverley 2.5 wins plus 13; 3rd: Hiro & Ken Emura 2 wins plus 18. Random winners: Merle Willis, Doreen Kendall

Saturday, September 8

Indoor Green: Frank McPhillips, Glen Evans, Roger Graf; r/up: Ron Duckworth, Brian Newcombe

Sunday, September 9

Green 1: Sally & John Archer; r/up: John Seton, Beryl Selems, Kaye & Ernie Robins

Kingscliff Men's Bowls

Wednesday, September

Bowls washed out

Friday, September 7

Open Triples final: Congratulations to R Fuller (sub for D Jones), D James, S Akers who defeated J White, J Mitchell, R Evans.

Tweed Byron District Women's

T.B.D.W.B.A's 30th Birthday celebrations took place at Brunswick Heads on August 20. Even though cold blustery winds prevailed, the greens were filled to capacity with the ladies intent on enjoying this special day. Brunswick Heads ladies provided a super scrumptious lunch which was followed by the cutting of the cake by District President Jenny Glasby and Past President Doreen Buckley.

Mullumbimby Ex-Services

Thursday, September 6

The 3 game by 9 ends pairs was won by Errol Boyter and Gary Porter with 2 wins and a draw; followed by Mike Nicholls and Michael Burke 2 wins 1 loss + 17; Bob MacAuley and Terry Fenwick 2 wins 1 loss +8; John O'Connor and Allan Bartlett 2 wins 1 loss +1; Terry Henry and Larry Henry 1 win 1 draw 1 loss -3; Bill Ball and Geoff Flick 1 win 12 losses -8; Ian Weir and Phill Brassington 1 win 2 losses -9; and Ray Breckenridge and Jean-Claude Canabou 3 losses -20.

Saturday, September 8

The final round of the Mullumbimby Reliable Removals Mullumbimby Bakery Super Pairs was played, with $1000 prizemoney decided. Division A was taken out by Ross Graham and Mark Hogan; followed by Sharon Thomas and Terry Fenwick; Greg Moroney and Scott Hogan; Mike Nicholls and Mark Holton; Trent Foreman and  Richie Northcott; Phil Brassington and Des Hammond; Sean Doherty and Adam McKenzie; Andrew Moroney and Leigh Rickert; Errol Boyter and Gary Porter.

Division B was taken out by Ben Leeson and Shane Knight; followed byJean-Claude Canabou and Geoff Flick; Jim Clark and Brett Luker; Clint Marsh and Rose Wainwright;  Bernie O'Hearn and Ashley Lumsden; Bill Ball and Larry Henry; George McKenzie and Allan Bartlett; and Michael Burke and Jeff Morgan.

This Aussie mum is 41 but looks 21

This Aussie mum is 41 but looks 21

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Surfer badly injured in remote reef break

Surfer badly injured in remote reef break

Arlon was left overnight with his hip dislocated

Surf club saved by apprentices

Surf club saved by apprentices

The club faced an uncertain future and would have ceased operation