Check out the latest bowls results.
Check out the latest bowls results. Scott Powick

Bowls results

South Tweed Sharks

AUGUST 22-28

Wednesday Morning Open Pairs

Winners: Ellen Joselin and Shane O'Toole.

Runners-up: Gary Arthur and Brian Lamb.

Third: Des Gordon and Wayne Earea.

Fourth: Phil Bennett and Laurie Sylvester.

Wednesday Open Triples

Winners: Robyn Charles, Ken Lewis, Michael Cuy.

Runners-up: Alex Reid, Barry McLennan, Neil Sprott.

Friday Open Bowls

Winners: Lee Lennox, Eva Lavrencic, Ian Lennox.

Runners-up: Barb Dillon, Ron Dillon, Bob Hynes.

Third: Lesley Fernandez, John Cobden, Rupert Fernandez.

Saturday Open Triples

Winners: Alex Reid, Rob Sellar, Ian Whitehall.

Runners-up: Mike Bambery, Marlene Wormald.

Tuesday Ladies' Bowls

Winners: Linda Scott, Bruce Wenban, Elva Wenban.

Runners-up: Connie Stephens, Aileen Howard, Faye McCoach.

Tweed Heads Men and Ladies

MONDAY, August 27

Pennant results men's finals

Div 1: Third

Div 2: Fourth

Div 4: Runners-up

Div 6: Runners-up

Div 7: Fourth

Div 8: Third

Div 10: Third.

Australian Indoor Championships

women's final: Rebecca Van Asch from Tasmania def Chloe Stewart from Queensland 9-4, 1-9, (5-0).

Men's final: Aaron Teyes from NSW def Clive Adams from Western Australia 8-5, 9-5.


Women's Senior Singles

Semi-finals: Alison Ebsworth def Sheryl Wall 25-12; Gail Crompton def June Beverley 25-16.

Final: Gail Crompton def Alison Ebsworth 25-17.

Tuesday, August 21

Green 1: Frank McPhillips, John Pearson, Ivan Gribble; runners-up: Roger Bell, Norm Clarke, John Boylan.

Green 2: Esme Carter, Alice Plowright, Kath Robinson, Valerie Savage; runners-up: Jack Blagbrough, Bob Young, Max Fisher, Lol Sables.

Green 3: Pam Dearman, Pam Vaughan, Lena Hurrey, Loid James; runners-up: Merilyn Marra, Beryl Selems, Kaye Robins, Pam Hunter.

Wednesday, August 22:

Highest margin

Green 1: Geoff Dixon, Kevin Dixon +20; runners-up: Stan Loeber, Rod Stebbins +14. Green 2: Trish Dixon, Stephanie and Peter Goldsmith +27; runners-up: Col Acton, Luke Tierney, John Black +19. Green 3: Rob Chandler, Graham Lahiff, Bob Home +23; runners-up: Pat Mann, Jean Finney +12. Green 4: Margaret Dare, Judy Roche +31; runners-up: Peter Benson, Greg Ash +20.

Thursday, August 23

Ladies' PM

Green 1: Josie Ryan, Adele Duckworth, Margaret Picking; runners-up: Di Duncan, Pam reedy, Bette Cooper.

Green 2: Raelene Alpin, Sue Jackett, Dorothy Stewart; runners-up: Merlon Gurr, Laurina Howarde, Lyn Rogers.

Friday, August 24

Green 1: George Pyke, John McLeod, Neville Jenkins; runners-up: Ted Ryan, Errol Perkins, Jim Croghan. Green 2: Morrie Redfern, Bill Penney, Russell Luland; runners-up: Ian McLeod, John Rogers, Paul Price. Green 3: Russell Anderson, Sam Ramsay, George Hanlon; runners-up; John Cowell, Bob Browning, John Pearson.

Indoor Open Pairs

Winners: Tony and Daniel Walker three wins plus 21; Kaye Robins and Pam Hunter three wins plus 21. Third: Mark and Lynda Lynn 2.5 wins plus 15.

Random winners: June Beverley and Jesse Chircop.

Saturday, August 25

Green 1: Laurie Lennox, Joe Fortanier; runners-up: Mike Nash, Bill Ornsby.

Green 2: Jennifer Youl, Margaret Dare; runners-up: Raelene and Tony Alpin, Sue and Ted Jackett.

Kingscliff Beach Women

Wednesday, August 22

S Gilbert, J Mitchell (lucky winner) def M Vaughan, R Wickbold; J Russell, M James def S Whitehall, J Greenbank; G Dean, A Johnson def S Hinks, A Shipway; J Hunt, J White def S Fowler, G Brown; L Reeks, G Moore (winner secret margin) def D Greenwell, SAkers; J Jenkins, L Willoughby def AWonka, N Sherlock; M Brown/ JMaass, J Scher def I Lundstrom, GPhipps; J Siering, B O'Reilly def JCurtis, B Petrie (lucky losers).

Friday, August 24

Round two Open Triples

J White, J Mitchell, R Evans def JScott (sub for R Creedon), JGreenbank, R Wickbold; J Cowie (sub for R Gargan), D Singleton, A Mullen def G Dean, S Reid, M James; D Jones, D James, S Akers def JGriffiths, M Drewett, W Butler.

Mullumbimby Ex-Services

Thursday, August 23

Triples: Michael Burke, Tony Baggio and Terry Fenwick 25 def Malcolm Turnbull, Mal Flesser and Ray Linabury 18; Bob MacAuley, Kerry Roberts and Terry Johnston 25 def Terry Henry, Jean-Claude Canabou, Larry Henry 19.

Pairs: Robert Rays and John O'Connor won the day with two wins + 18; followed by Bill Ball and Geoff Flick one win one loss +13; Phil Brassington and Allan Bartlett one win one loss -13; Michael Lardi and Mike Nicholls two losses -18.

Saturday, August 25

Mike Nicholls, Michael Burke and Larry Henry 21 def Paul Gray, Jean- Claude Canabou and Geoff Flick 14; Ross Graham and Terry Fenwick 28 def Michael Lardi and Allan Bartlett 18.

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