BOWLS REPORT: Tweed's Div 1 Women's side was edged out by Musgrave Hill 49/54 in pennant bowls action.
BOWLS REPORT: Tweed's Div 1 Women's side was edged out by Musgrave Hill 49/54 in pennant bowls action. Scott Powick

Bowls round-up

South Tweed Sharks

August 1 - 7

Wednesday Morning Open Pairs

Winners: Norm Hardie & Brian Lamb

Runner Up: Kevin McMahon & Ray Hickman

3rd: Gerry McGrath & Peter Uthmeyer

4th: Martin Halsey & Lou Beckman

Wednesday Open Triples

Winners: Michael Cuy, Jim McBain, Bob Bamford

Runners Up: John O'Neill, Peter Blanksby, Don Bateson, Jim Morton

Friday Open Bowls

Winners: Ricki Hooper, Graham Hooper, Clive Rowley

Runner Up: Neil Kelly, Loise May, Ross May

3rd: Charlie Fysh, Margaret Fysh, Ivan Ensbey

4th: Graham Vowles, Ian Barnes, Sharyn Vowles

Saturday Open Bowls

Winners: Linda Scott & Alan Monger

Runner Up: Keith Ward, Lesley Fernandez, Rupert Fernandez

Tuesday Ladies Bowls

Winner: Dot McCray & Joan Leckie

Runner Up: Gillian Hogg & Marguerite Pettigrew

Tweed Heads Men's & Ladies

Monday, August 6

Pennant Results: Round 5

Women: Div 1: against Musgrave Hill lost 49/54 (1)

Div 3: against South Tweed won 96/44 (5)

Div 4: against Twin Town won 79/50 (5)

Div 5: against Robina won 75/56 (3)

Div 6: against Coolangatta lost 55/67 (0)

Div 7: against South Tweed won 76/62 (4.5)

Men: Div 1: against Tugun won 76/38 (2)

Div 2: against Broadbeach won 59/49 (2)

Div 4: against Broadbeach won 82/50 (2)

Div 6: against Woongoolba won 70/49 (14)

Div 7: against McKenzie Park won 63/58 (14)

Div 8: against Canungra/Tambourine won 72/42 (16)

Div 9: against McKenzie Park lost 58/68 (2)

Div 10: against Tugun won 65/64 (12)

Golden Nugget Invitational

Men: Semi-finals: Jeremy Henry (NSW) d. Kelvin Kerkow (Qld) 25/19; Alex Marshall (Scotland) d. Aaron Teys (NSW) 25/18; Final: Jeremy Henry d. Alex Marshall 25/23.

Women: Semi-finals: Jo Edwards (NZ) d. Siti Zalina Ahmad (Malaysia) 25/21; Kelsey Cottrell (NSW) d. Lynsey Clarke (Qld) 25/19; Final: Kelsey Cottrell d. Jo Edwards 25/18.


Club Selected Men's Open Triples Round 1: Col Acton, Ron Duckworth, Ken Emura d. Graham Ellen, John Boylan, Mark Howarde 23/20; Ron Keefer, Norm Clarke, Doug Kleinhans d. Larry Kirk, Ron Glass, Eddy Vuik 26/17; Lionel Viney, Rick Tadday, Allan Nimmo d. Bill Chick, Gary Hewitt, Dan Smith 23/21

Round 2: Ron Keefer, Norm Clarke, Doug Kleinhans d. Col Acton, Ron Duckworth, Ken Emura 30/28; Lionel Viney, Rick Tadday Allan Nimmo d. Paul Wickenden, Nev Batey, Jon Bosisto 24/15; Rob Paget, David Dodge, Leigh Tynan d. Les Hore, John Gunton, Robert Kaehler 25/18; Frank McPhillips, Roger Graf, Greg Ash d. John Bremner, John Matchett, Mick Tull 25/19; Ivan Gribble, Russell Luland, Wayne Turley d. Peter Benson, Tony Houghton, Peter Phillips 20/17; Bob Young, Mark Lynn, Kevin Dixon d. Kevin Davey, Jim Croghan, Steve Ross 24/17; Brian Newcombe, John Ritchie, John Royan d. Max Reiter, Ernie Robins, Nigel Smith 24/23.


Tweed Heads Ladies will hold a 2 bowl Triples Carnival on Monday, September 3. Open draw on arrival. 3 games 14 ends, re-spot jack. Entry Fee $75 per team, includes morning tea, mat fee, lunch, nibbles. To enter contact or PO Box 167 Tweed Heads 2485. Entries close Friday, August 30

Tuesday, July 31

Green 1: Bill Finney, John Harrison, Renee & Tony Laycock; r/up: Sally & Jan Tynan, Ena Haydon, Kath Beckman

Green 2: Dot Simcock, Loraine Waters, Marlene & Bruce Puncher; r/up: Marjorie Davey, Irene Muldoon, Eileen Hunt, Margaret Dare

Wednesday, August 1

Green 1: Graeme, Coogan, Peter Hardcastle, Bill Wyatt; r/up: Pat Mann, Jean Finney

Green 2: Jack Blagbrough, Keith Downey; r/up: Bernice Bryant, Tony Houghton

Indoor Green: Geoff Dixon, Greg Nolan, Kevin Dixon; r/up: Terry Patton, Frank Birkin, Gordon Holthouse

Thursday, August

Green 1: Bernice Bryant, Eileen Hunt, Karen Cranwell; r/up: Pamela Branton, Helen Webb

Friday, August 3

Green 1: Max Fisher, Graham Watkins, Ivan Gribble; r/up; Don Merrell, John Roach, Phil West

Green 2: John Gunton, Scott & Dennis Agnew; r/up; Damien Delgardo, Richard Rombouts, John Sampson

Green 3: John Burden, Ron Edwards, Les Hughes; r/up; Bob Morgan, Rob Empson, Peter Barns

Indoor Green: Roger Oldman, Graham Simpson, Don Shoobert; r/up: Don Allen, Roger Bell, John Feast

Saturday, August 4:

Green 1: Gerry Mountain, Michael Nedjati; r/up; Pam Branton, Gordon Wilson, Valerie Savage, Brian Williams

Sunday, August 5: Jackpot Sunday

Green 1: Ann Fitzmaurice, Kelvin Cooper; r/up: Ann Duddy, Dot Simcock, Rose & Rudy Van Burk

Green 2: John Seton, Beryl Selems, Bryan & Merilyn Marra; r/up: Karen & Stephen Bester, Pam & Ben Grotegoed

Green 3: Pauline & Gordon McIntyre, Ron Lees, Frank Curlett, r/up: Heather Mooney, Ian Houston, Carmel & Spencer Goss

Kingscliff Beach Women's

Wednesday, August 1

Social Bowls: B O'Reilly, M Atkinson d. G Phipps, B Mirls; S Gilbert, A Shipway d. C Moore, H West; J Bonett, A Mullen d. S Baker, S Reid; J Hunt, J Greenbank d. S Hinks, R Gargan; M Vaughan, S Whitehall d. C Chapman, A Johnson; N Sherlock, R Fuller (Lucky Winners Green 1) d. I Lundstrom, L Willoughby (Lucky Losers Green 1); R Liddington, G Brown d. J Curtis, M James; D Singleton, S Akers d. F Wilson, W Butler; C Felton, J Mitchell (Lucky Winners Green 1 on c/b) drew J Jenkins, D James (Lucky Losers Green 1); S Fowler, B Petri d. J O'Connor, L Reeks; M Lincoln, J White d.J Maass / G Dean, M Dickson

Mullumbimby Ex-Services

Thursday, August 2

Pairs: Mike Nicholls and Geoff Flick won the day with 2 wins + 8; followed by Pat Gardiner and Jean-Claude Canabou 1 win 1 loss +10; Sam Ridgewell and Terry Fenwick 1 win 1 loss -2; Peter Wilton and Ross Thatcher 2 losses -16.

Triples: Bob MacAuley, Ray Linabury and Terry Johnston won the day with 2 wins + 4; followed by Errol Boyter, John O'Connor and Larry Henry 1 win 1 loss +6; Ray Breckenridge, Allan Bartlett and Graham Condie 1 win 1 loss +0; Robert Rays, Kerry Roberts and Michael Burke 2 losses -9.

Saturday, August 4

Social triples: Peter Wilton, Sharon Thomas and Geoff Flick 22 defeated Errol Boyter, Rose Wainwright and Jean-Claude Canabou 21.

Triples Championship

Semi finals: Mike Nicholls, Michael Burke and Jeff Morgan 31 defeat Allan Bartlett, Gary Porter and Terry Fenwick 16 while Trent Foreman, Ross Graham, and Richie Northcott 30 were too strong for Bernie O'Hearn, Bob Rose and Mark Hogan 16. The final is to be played today (Saturday, August 11).

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