Kash Ali left the ring in disgrace.
Kash Ali left the ring in disgrace.

Boxer’s ‘disgusting’ act sparks outrage

DAVID Price was bitten on the torso by Kash Ali, who was disqualified, in their chaotic heavyweight meeting in Liverpool, England.

Price was ahead on the scorecards and rocked his former sparring partner with a big right in the fifth when he was hauled to the ground and bitten on the torso.

Referee Mark Lyson, who had already docked Ali a point for hitting the back of Price's head, had seen enough and disqualified Ali. Price had earlier accused Ali of biting in a separate incident.

A cagey opener saw Price boxing behind his long jab while Ali enjoyed some success by targeting the body.

Ali continued with his body shots in the second and kept out of the way of the taller man's big shots.

Price bloodied Ali's nose in the third and began to throw the bigger shots but midway through the round complained to the referee that he had been bitten by Ali, who was penalised a point for punching the back of Price's head.

The fourth round saw Ali using his head, shoulders and elbows but Price responded by hurting his opponent with a big uppercut.

Price continued pushing forward in the fifth, punishing his man for his rough-house tactics and connected with a right.

Ali responded by grabbing hold, throwing Price to the canvas and biting his body again before being disqualified.

"He gave it away in the press conference that he was going to lose his head," Price said afterwards. "He was in the fight, he ruined it for himself!

"I hurt him to the body just before the final bite he took.

"He did a couple (of bites) early on and I thought he had lost his head completely.

"He said, 'Let's do a rematch' but I don't want to share the ring with an animal like that."

Speaking in a separate interview with iFL TV, Price labelled the affair a "f***ing disgrace".

"He came here trying to play the villain a little bit and thought I might have swallowed it, so to speak," Price said.

"A f***ing diagrace, really. He's an animal and he doesn't deserve a rematch."

Ali left quite the mark with one of his bites.
Ali left quite the mark with one of his bites.

British boxing great Tony Bellew slammed Ali and said he shouldn't be allowed to box again.

"His bottle went and they were disgusting things which have no place in a boxing ring," Bellew said.

"He bit him not once, not twice, not even three times, he bit him four times and the referee caught him twice.

"He's a disgrace and shouldn't be allowed back in a boxing ring ever again.

"He should not be paid for the fight, give the money to grassroots boxing and help develop amateur boxing.

"Biting a man when they're on the floor, there aren't many lower things in life."


The disgusting Mike Tyson-esque scenes followed a bitter build-up to the fight on the Liam Smith-Sam Eggington undercard, The Sun reports.

At their pre-fight press conference Ali, from Birmingham, chillingly warned his former sparring partner: "I'm coming for you."

Usually mild-mannered Price, 35, uncharacteristically hit back with warnings of his own.

"I'll tell you exactly what's gonna happen Saturday night (Sunday AEDT) lad," Price began.

"This is the big stage, right? You're gonna be like a rabbit in the headlights and I'm gonna f***ing run you over.

"I've seen what you've been saying, 'Oh, he's a quitter'. Do you think I'm gonna quit against you lad? You throw about 20 punches a round.

"I'm made up you've gone like this because I thought you were half alright, but you're a f***ing blert and you're gonna get your head punched in."

The result extended Price's record to 24 wins and six defeats and was the first defeat of Ali's 16-fight career.

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