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Boys talk about night they saw brother killed

TWO young brothers of slain Bundaberg boxer Landon Delinecort had been close by in their Avoca front yard the night he was fatally stabbed by Luke Turnbull.

Their screams were heard by other witnesses and the children have given evidence before a Supreme Court jury hearing the murder trial of Turnbull.

"Luke stabbed him," Delinecort's 10-year-old brother, whose name the NewsMail has withheld, said in pre-recorded evidence.

The boy said he had not seen a knife but "I heard the knife cut".

"I only saw the shape of a knife - in Luke's hand," he said, in evidence on day three of the trial.

Turnbull, 38, has pleaded not guilty to three charges: the murder of Landon Delinecort, 24, on November 27, 2015 at Avoca; assault causing grievous bodily harm to Calvin Delinecort; and assaulting Brock Delinecort.


Accused killer Luke Turnbull.
Accused killer Luke Turnbull. Simon Young BUN011213ENT32

Questioned by Crown prosecutor Greg Cummings, the 10-year-old agreed with his earlier evidence to police, saying "yep" that he'd seen Landon "shape up like he was going to box" not long after Turnbull arrived on his Harley motorcycle.

"Luke wanted $200 for his son's birthday and some food," the boy said, adding he'd been there when the money was given over at another time.

"They went into a room, locked us out. I thought it was drugs being handed over," he said.

Turnbull's barrister Saul Holt QC asked whether it was his dad, Calvin Delinecort, that he saw holding something like the shape of a knife.

"No, but he had a beer in his hand though," the boy replied.

"I only saw a beer bottle in dad's hand," he said.

The boy agreed he'd told police afterwards that Landon hit Turnbull but Luke had got a better punch in.

"Did you see Brock (Delinecort) whack, hit Luke with a torch?" Mr Holt asked.

"I saw it," the boy said.

"Did you see Brock grab a wooden stick and hit Luke?" Mr Holt continued.

"He got hit in the legs and arms," the boy said.

The 10-year-old said he heard his father on the phone that night to Luke, saying it was on speaker and he heard "both swearing at each other".

When questioned about seeing any weapons from a shed, he said: "There was none of that."

"Do you remember your father yelling at Luke 'I want my f---in' money c---'?" asked Mr Holt.

"Yep," the boy replied.

He said he did recall seeing Landon with a stick, and that he dropped it before the confrontation.

He agreed with Mr Holt that Landon had thrown the first punch.

The boy's eight-year-old brother said in his evidence: "Luke smacked Landon in the mouth; had a big fight".

"My dad said 'Piss off, leave him alone'. Next thing a big fight," the boy said.

"Brock got (the torch), (and) smashed (Luke) around the mouth two times."

The eight-year-old recalled Turnbull saying to his father, Calvin, that he didn't have any money.

He said he saw Turnbull push his father over, the beer smashed and his dad get cut.

Mr Holt asked the boy how he knew Landon was stabbed.

"'Cause I seen it," he said.

The boy said Brock was not there when Landon was stabbed and remembered seeing him arrive in a car.

A facial surgeon gave evidence about the fractures of Calvin Delinecort's face that required a surgical plate be inserted.

The trial before Justice Peter Applegarth continues on Monday.

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