Bride and Prejudice's Chris reveals more family heartache

Grant and Chris feature on the TV series Bride & Prejudice. Supplied by Channel 7.
Grant and Chris feature on the TV series Bride & Prejudice. Supplied by Channel 7. JEREMY GREIVE

AUSTRALIA'S hearts broke for Chris and his partner Grant during the Channel Seven reality show Bride and Prejudice.

It was hard to watch as his devout Jehovah's Witness mother and traditional father turned their back on him and decided against going to his wedding in Palm Springs.

But the Buderim family's heartache hasn't stopped in the months since the finale aired and Chris revealed that his father now has terminal cancer.

"There was a time limit given to how long he'd live. We don't know at this stage but [the prognosis is] definitely finite," Chris told New Idea.

"There's an opportunity to mend that bridge in our relationship but it's whether or not [my parents] want to do that," he said.

Chris and Grant have been happily married for the last nine months but his dad's health has dealt a massive blow to their happy life.

Chris' parents chose not to attend his wedding and now his dad has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Source: Seven
Chris' parents chose not to attend his wedding and now his dad has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Source: Seven

In the months since the finale aired there has still been next to no contact between Chris and his parents and he admitted their views haven't changed.

Chris said he has heard that his mum believes it's up to him to make contact, but she is still not willing to accept his husband Grant.

"It would have been great if dad could see that life is short and it's time to bury the hatchet, but my parents are a team and I suspect they'll back each other up," he said.

Chris explained that it's not that his dad isn't open to seeing him or meeting Grant, it's because he is supporting his partner.

When it comes to the future Chris hopes his mum will come around to accepting him and his partner although we hope it happens before it's too late with his dad.

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