Desal plant raises concerns

BRINE pumped into the ocean from the Tugun desalination plant has environmental groups calling for close monitoring of its waste output.

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey has continued her attacks on the Bligh government's billion dollar piece of water infrastructure this week, after the Fix Currumbin Creek group expressed concern about the health of the ocean where brine waste is pumped from the plant.

“Environmental concerns about brine output from the plant into the local marine habitat existed from day one of this project and recent reports from local fishermen indicate close monitoring is required,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Brad Smith of the Fix Currumbin Creek committee believes an independent system to monitor marine life and salinity level around the output pipe is needed and I support him.”

Ms Stuckey says concerns about water health are just one of many problems local residents have been forced to deal with due to the plant being built in their suburb.

“Turmoil at the Tugun Desal plant has caused widespread problems for our local community and there is no guarantee it will last the distance it was intended to.

Ms Stuckey said it was reported the plant would cost in excess of $260 million, back in 2006,” she said.

And the government is still yet to commission the plant years after construction started, she says.

“Now, almost three years since it started we have a plant that the government won't commission because it has serious faults, has damaged properties in our suburbs, caused a footy field to sink and is causing all manner of unrest for residents,” said Ms Stuckey.

“This government's incompetence knows no bounds - this project was due to be finished in January this year.

“Shamefully they have turned their backs on people of Tugun and Currumbin as ministers who are responsible for it flick the problem between each other.”

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