Brothers are back

ROBERT Mammone has relished reuniting with his 'Carlton Crew' on screen in Fat Tony & Co.

The Channel 9 crime drama follows on from the original Underbelly series, now that drug kingpin Tony Mokbel's story can finally be told.

"The actors on that show and I, we share a bond," Mammone told The Guide.

"We all felt a part of something unique. It was a turning point in Australian TV. To have been a part of that, myself, Gyton (Grantley), Simon (Westaway), Vince (Colosimo), Les Hill, it's like a bit of a brotherhood we're all proud of. It's good to come back and revisit, albeit a few years later."

Sunday's movie-length premiere took viewers back to Mokbel's early days as a pizza shop owner-turned-suburban drug dealer who had a volatile relationship with Carlton's Moran family.

The ambitious nine-part series traces Mokbel's rise in the underworld to the height of his $140 million drug empire, his arrest in Greece and his 22-year sentence in Victoria's maximum security prison.

"We certainly flesh out the story of Tony," Mammone said.

"It is a new perspective and a new angle. We flesh out a lot of those characters in a way the audience hasn't seen.

"We do take it all the way, well, until it ceases to become interesting."

But there's plenty of fun to be had along the way, says Mammone. "We have quite a lot of parties. Tony was very active, let's put it that way," he said.

"He did like to enjoy himself in all manner of ways. Aside from the raunch factor, one of my favourite scenes was set in jail in Greece. It involves a bit of dancing; I'll leave the rest to your imagination."

Fat Tony & Co - Nine/WIN - Sunday at 8.40pm

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