Young federal MP Wyatt Roy is interviewed by journalism student Sophie Foster about the G20 summit.
Young federal MP Wyatt Roy is interviewed by journalism student Sophie Foster about the G20 summit.

Budding young reporters covering G20 summit

YOUNG Queensland journalism students are providing a fresh perspective on the G20 summit involving more than 20 world leaders in Brisbane.

University of Queensland's  School of Journalism and Communication students have been accredited to cover the event.

A lucky few will be on hand to cover the visit by US president Barack Obama on Saturday.

Lecturer Bruce Woolley said 10 students would have full access to media scrums, leaders' news conferences and all major events.

"They will be actively engaged in reporting on G20 leader discussions and providing analysis of their actions for an international audience," he said.

The opportunity is part of a work integrated learning course which has previously seen students travel to Vietnam to cover global issues.

"This time, instead of travelling abroad to gather stories for an Australian audience, these students will be reporting from Brisbane on the G20 events for two million students at a dozen universities around the world," Mr Woolley said.

"They are going to be producing two 30-minute news and current affairs television programs for the Global Campus Network- an initiative of Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada."

UQ student Evangeline Dickson will be a reporter for both programs.

"Young people are interested in politics and global events but to get access and be actively involved is hard," she said.

"To be able to cover the G20 and address issues important to young people is really exciting.

"What's discussed at the G20 affects everyone, so the fact that we're able to have access to the network is incredible because it allows for open discussion and information sharing from students everywhere."

Students catch up with Wyatt Roy ahead of G20 summit

Already, students have spoken to Sunshine Coast based federal MP Wyatt Roy, who at 20, was the youngest MP elected to federal parliament.

He spoke to reporter Sophie Lester about the importance of young people becoming involved in politics and global issues. You can watch Sophie's report, which was co-produced by Bo Daly, below.

The major programs produced by UQ students will be broadcast live on the network, which can be viewed online:

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