"Budget airline" of hotels now open in Melbourne

If you're visiting Melbourne this summer and looking for a trendy hotel that won't stretch the budget, it's worth checking out the brand new Tune Hotel.  

The hotel has a designer lobby with a groovy red, white and black colour scheme, sleek modern minimalist furniture and cool music playing in the background.  

The mood is upbeat and the décor is funky.   

You could almost mistake it for an upmarket luxury boutique hotel. That is, until you're handed a bag with a towel and toiletries.   

Tune Hotel Melbourne is the 34th property of the Malaysian-owned hotel chain that is pioneering a new concept where you pay for what you use.    

The group has 11 hotels in Malaysia, eight in the Philippines, six in Indonesia, five in the UK, four in Thailand and one each in India and Japan. The Melbourne Hotel is the first in Australia, with more openings planned.  Here's my review of Tune Hotel Melbourne

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