The bashing of a 12-year-old that was posted on YouTube last weekend. It was taken down after a complaint was made.
The bashing of a 12-year-old that was posted on YouTube last weekend. It was taken down after a complaint was made.

Bullies bash boy, film for YouTube

AN outing to the park with two mates. What could be safer?

So thought Grace Jones until her son was bashed in a high-tech ambush — set up over the internet, filmed with a mobile phone and uploaded on YouTube.

The Harristown 12-year-old’s face is still bruised, seven days after the attack. The Fairview Heights Primary School student is too scared to have his name printed.

“He didn’t have a chance to put his hands up (to defend himself from the first punch),” Ms Jones said.

Her “gentle boy” was lured to the park behind Wyalla Plaza on Saturday by one of his football “friends’’. They organised the meeting over the internet, using MSN Messenger.

The team-mate had brought along a 13-year-old boy who carried out the bashing, while he filmed it with a phone.

Ms Jones’ son had also brought a friend, but he fled the park.

The two boys who organised the trap uploaded the footage to the YouTube website.

“They said they were proud,” Ms Jones said.

“The boy who bashed him said that if (my son) didn’t drop to the ground when he did he would have kept on punching him.”

Ms Jones reported the video to YouTube administrators and it was taken down.

But it was too late for some.

Her son has received a taunting text message from a girl who saw the assault footage. She wrote: “You can’t fight. LOL (short for laugh out loud)”.

Ms Jones has reported the crime to the police and wants other parents to be vigilant.

“Your kids are sitting on MSN and you don’t know who they are talking to,” she said.

“People don’t realise it is a federal offence to threaten people over the internet and on the phone.”

The family is struggling in the aftermath of the attack.

Ms Jones trembles, close to tears, when she talks about the bashing.

Her son is swollen, sore and scared to go back to school.

“Surely you can trust your kid going down to the park,” she said.

“This is happening in our town.

“My son is an average 12-year-old boy who should not have had this happen to him.” 

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