WATERCOOLER: Agencies failing families of wayward teens?

WHEN did things get so out of whack that kids started telling us what we could and could not do?

And when did the agencies that are supposed to help us, start riding roughshod over loving parents?

Today's story of the Sunshine Coast couple who have been denied access or any information on their 15-year-old daughter should send a shiver up the spine of other parents.

>> Authorities won't tell us where our runaway girl has gone

Their daughter walked out the door because she didn't like their rules and now government agencies are not only making it possible for her to survive financially, they are keeping her parents away from her.

>> Mother's plea after 15-year-old daughter runs away from home

Nameless, faceless bureaucrats are tearing this family apart and there is nothing they can do about it.

The frightening part is that they could just as easily do the same to any of us.

And people wonder why we are breeding a generation of young people who have no respect for authority.

Few families are perfect but we do the best we can. We don't need to be fighting with government agencies, as well as our kids.

What do you think about this? Are government agencies failing families of wayward teens? Or are the teens entitled to the privacy?

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Richelle Gill: "So true we are going through the same thing our 15 year old daughter has a learning disability and she is also on a mental health plan and we can not force her to see her counseller...this is so messed up."

Dawn Marie Kendall: "My daughter was told at 12 by police she didn't have to stay at home as she didn't like rules and when she ran away they would only check on her wellbeing that was 11 years ago I can only imagine what its like now and I have a 7 year old girl very disturbing they took away our parenting rights!!!!!"

Erin Joyce: "I feel for this family...they are not alone .. due to the new laws ..which are good in some circumstances but no in others.. is leading the younger generation to just walk out of the family home..which leaves them in strangers houses, in drug houses unsafe environments and have no work ethics or responsibility for their own action and the government help them do it. IF they think they have a problem now of high unemployment and drug use.. give it 10 years and it will become an epidemic issue for society."

Vicki Woolley: "Yep no rights at all. I have 7 children and have had 2 run away because they don't like rules or responsibilities.doesnt help when teachers tell the kids my parenting was too strict and they shouldn't have to do chores."

Hell Parkie: "Sorry, but this isn't new! Same thing happened ti me when was child was 13. All I was allowed to know was that she was safe. Seven years later we now have a fairly good relationship. Apparently, it was because she didn't like my rules. I feel for these parents, but it's rife. At 12 my son asked me to make him a doctor's appointment as he was in pain. Turned up at the appointment and asked that I didn't go in. Was told by staff he was viewed as an adult at 12 and they were under no obligation to tell me what was wrong with him if he didn't want me to know. It's no wonder today's kids have no respect. I feel, for parents raising kids now, ten years later than I went through it. It's time these agencies stop giving everything on a plate to these children, because that's what they are! Children. Our children. Not Centerlink's."

Robyn Brown: "We live in a society of 'instant gratification'. Kids are growing up expecting to get whatever they want and do whatever they want because it's all about having a good time (social media perpetuates this). We as a society are not teaching our kids that with rights comes responsibility. We are not teaching them to work for things, to take responsibility for their actions or to accept that things don't always work out the way you want them to. Then we complain about drug/alcohol abuse, people milking the system, corruption and crime. If the Government would like to reduce crime, drug/alcohol abuse etc. the best thing to do is to support families who are doing their best to teach their children boundaries, responsibility, consequences instead of encouraging our young people to be 'victims' and blame everyone else. I try to teach my children that they and only they are responsible for their own actions and the resulting consequences, good or bad. It's a life lesson we all need to learn."

Michelle McKay: "Old news the system has been screwed up for years. The politically correct garbage spewers have made it so hard for parents to be parents these days. There is no discipline parents aren't game to say no to their kids. Kids need boundaries from an early age. Yet here they are given all these rights to walk all over their parents."

Patricia Shipp: "Same if there is a medical emergency if they are 16. Wont tell you anything if they are injured. Wanted to operate on my son who had broken his wrist, I took him to hospital, but wouldn't give me any information due to violating his privacy. Only that he was unable to sign consent papers that I found out what was going on. They were happy to hand me the bills to pay though."

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